Band Biography


2016-band-photoDamien – Voice
Killswitch – Guitars, backing vocals
Johnny C – Bass
John Cross – Drums

“Time doesn’t change. Time doesn’t heal.”

Reflecting on the constant bedlam that festers within the confines of this generation, while drawing influence from personal conflict and the harsh reality of the present, Three Sixes’ newest full-length CD represents the overall basis of our current state.

Produced by Marko Olson, (T.A.S.C., Brain Dead Sound Machine and The Flower Leperds) “Know God, No Peace.” delivers a blunt attack to the Metal world, with an improved musicality and explosive lyrical content that truly shows the evolution of a band created – solely as a studio project – in 1999 by original founding member and frontman, Damien. The opening teaser of “Saviour” leads to the aggressive “Lead Winged Angel”, based on the short but indicative life of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, and comes full circle to the epic title track, a three-part opus that attacks the constant which creates such civil unrest throughout the world – religion.

Three Sixes new direction incorporates their Metal, Thrash and Techno roots with Hardcore, while simultaneously mixing in a heavy dose of Industrial influence that has built a foundation for a gruesomely realistic portrayal of the our world, currently situated in its infinite, spiraling, state of decline.

Whereas previous releases from Three Sixes helped usher in a new twist on Metal and horror, “Know God, No Peace.” redefines the band as a whole – from songwriting to execution. Working in perfect unison with Damien and guitarist Mike “Killswitch” Cassidy, Producer Marko Olson’s prolific Industrial background induced a re-invigorated, raw feel towards the construction of all songs contained in the new release from the inside out, raising the bar and successfully achieving a new level for Three Sixes.

Sharing the stage with heavy hitters such as Fear Factory, Body Count, Prong, Strapping Young Lad, Samael, Murderdolls, Death Angel, D.R.I., The Genitortureres and Powerman 5000, Three Sixes music has been trademarked with a legendary live set that has repeatedly devastated listeners and audiences alike.

With a redefined, definitive, unusual and brazenly unique sound, Three Sixes has returned. “Condemned by all that’s holy, that’s righteous, that’s pure, looked down and spit upon by conformists we refuse to be” Three Sixes has reached out, opening and freeing the minds of aggressive music fans worldwide with “a stronger faith than heaven knows”. As with the changing of the calendars in the ages from Pisces to Aquarius, a new age in Metal has also been initiated.