Three Sixes performing as the Silver And Black Allegiance covering “The Autumn Wind”

Unit 731 [2019 Version]

THREE SIXES full live “Resurrection” set from Malone’s on 11/19/2016


Three Sixes Trailer

Behind the scenes video footage of THREE SIXES recording “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE”.

Lead Winged Angel

Three Sixes are back with their first music video titled “Lead Winged Angel” from their newest, full length CD, “Know God, No Peace” coming in the fall of 2014. Inspired by the movie “Monster” and based on the life story of America’s first, documented, female serial killer- Aileen Wournos.

Holy Man


 God Denied


Paint it Black

I Fuck The Dead

Lord of the Dead

Listen to the entire “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” CD by THREE SIXES on YouTube