Damien – Voice

damienpic Damien

Birth Date: July 10

Duties: Voice

Quote: “I don’t knock on your door asking you to deny god. Quit knocking on mine asking me to worship yours”.

Interests: Premium liquor and cigars, professional (American) football, perfectly cooked steaks, cool people, documentaries and horror movies.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Huntington Beach, California as a skateboarder and a fan of aggressive music, Damien became immersed in the Metal scene where his place in underground music would take deep root. He then transformed, from a fan, to fronting his own Thrash quartet for nearly a decade before the band had broken up. With its end, a new beginning arrived. Infused with the latest in digital recording and Techno, a studio “side project” called “Three Sixes” was born, with the only intent of creating music from the new found freedom and availability that digital recording could provide, which would further grow into countless, punishing live performances. Further enlightened by life experiences, introspective analysis and the literature of Christopher Hitchens, the Huntington Beach skateboarder is no longer just a fan, but a seasoned musician exclaiming impassioned statements.


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