Johnny C – Bass

 Johnny Cjohnnypic

Birth Date: July 30

Duties: Bass, Backing Vocals

Quote: “The worst thing anyone could ever say is ‘I should have….’”

Interests: Music, women, good times, good friends and cheap beer.

Born in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and the son of a  professional Jazz musician, Johnny C was raised with a strong musical influence, from bands like Tower of Power, Chicago and Weather Report. Quickly addicted to the early Black Sabbath sound and picking up Bass Guitar at the age of 12, Johnny C gravitated immediately to Motorhead, Iron Maiden and the classic Thrash bands which would follow. Drawn further towards the darker side of Metal, Johnny C became an original part of the early, burgeoning, Los Angeles Death/Black Metal scene, playing in bands such as Preacher, Rise, Infamy and Nema to name a few. Longtime friend of Damien, Johnny C is a natural fit for THREE SIXES and looks forward to bringing his aggressive roots to a band that not only appreciates the brutality he possesses as a musician, but embraces it.