Killswitch – Guitar

Name: Killswitch, Kill, Michael Cassidykillbiopic

Duties: Guitars, Backing Vocals

Birth Date: October 2nd

Quote: “Insert ominous and in-depth quote here.”

Interests: Gibson Les Paul guitars, amps, Jeeps, Real Estate, hiking, hanging with the Dominator, video games, acting/writing, lifting weights, mixed martial arts.

Raised in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Kill was a promising baseball prospect that gave up the game he loved for another passion – guitar. Seeing Pantera live in concert changed him, and Kill drew influence and drive from all the local talent in the area, lead by rap-metal pioneers Stuck Mojo and modern rockers (the first incarnation of Sevendust) Crawlspace. Kill moved to Las Vegas and honed his chops with local rockers Conflict of Interest, and co-wrote/recorded with the rap-punk influenced group Zero Fingers, along with various solo acoustic gigs. After relocating to Orange County, Kill hooked up with Three Sixes, and the rest is history. He credits his interests in all types of music as an influence for his writing and refocus on tight rhythm guitar on “Know God, No Peace”. In addition to music, Kill can be seen on various TV shows, movies and commercials, and is a practicing mixed martial artist.

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