Monday, June 12, 2023:
Damien here,
I just wanted to give a quick update as people have been reaching out asking what’s up with THREE SIXES.

While we are still looking for our next Bass player, it hasn’t stopped us from writing the new record. We’re not sure how many tunes will be on it as of now, but we’re currently on song #11. If we don’t find a Bass player before we record, Kill will be performing the duties there. To his credit, he rips on Bass and plays actual Bass lines, not guitar lines on the four/five string. We’ll be ok to record, but in the meanwhile, we’re still looking for a Bass player and/or second guitar player. If you fit the bill or know someone who does, hit us up. What we are looking for in both the Bass and/or second guitar player can be found ON THIS LINK.

Apologies for the silence, we’ve just been busy with our heads down/nose to the grindstone so we can have a new batch of tunes for you to hear, that we’re quite proud of. We’re still around and all is good. Thank you so much for your support. Hopefully we speak sooner than later. Horns!

Friday, November 18, 2022:
While eight new songs have been written for the next THREE SIXES record and more are yet to come, THREE SIXES are now auditioning Bass players. Think you have what it takes or know someone who does? Check out THIS LINK and respond through EMAIL, FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM. Best of luck to all interested. More updates coming soon.

Monday, August 8, 2022:
While the interview with THREE SIXES on METAL FACTION RADIO has just finished airing, the ZOOM video version is available now on You Tube. For those who missed it, or prefer it with better audio, you can see it/hear it at any time, on your time NOW.

Monday, August 8, 2022:
Today at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific, Mad Dog and The Pistol Kitten will be interviewing Damien, Kill and John on METAL FACTION RADIO. Be sure to tune in at http://woodyradio.com/ to hear about the past, present and future of THREE SIXES.

Friday, February 25, 2022:
A “Celebration of Life” has been planned for our late four stringed brother Johnny on Sunday, April 3, 2022 at the Veteran of Foreign Wars hall (V.F.W.) located at 16157 E Gayle Ave, City of Industry, CA. It’s an all ages event with no cover charge from 12-7pm. First band goes on at 12:30pm sharp, featuring DARK AS DEATH, SLACK BABBATH, H8TORADE, STONER HEIGHTS and BASTARD SON. More info available at 626-409-3888. SEE THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE HERE for more info.

Monday, December 6, 2021:
For those who didn’t know, our Bass player and brother, Johnny Cardenas has had some very serious health issues over the past few months, typically spending more time in a hospital than not.

Last night, Johnny was discharged from the hospital and sent home with hospice.

Damien stopped by his house to see him today. He was heavily sedated. Within less than 20 minutes of being there, Johnny’s friends Lisa, Saul and Damien watched him take his last breath.

A “Celebration of Life” is currently being planned for the near future. When more details are known, they will be updated here.

Thursday, December 17, 2020:
THREE SIXES are now proudly being featured as one of nine groups on a compilation of heavy Los Angeles based bands called “The Hood’s Got Talent” on CANDLEPOWER RECORDS. It’s a sick combination of heaviness available in old school cassette as well as digital versions- both well worth your time. CLICK THIS LINK TO CHECK IT OUT!

Friday, October 30, 2020:
Just in time for your fall travel plans in Pandemerica: the THREE SIXES branded adjustable masks and neck gaiters are now available, with the full color logos on the left side of each, plain black on the other. Masks are dry-tech cotton stretch to fit, with adjustable straps. The neck gaiters are 100% polyester with dry-wicking technology to keep your neck and chin nice and cool. Masks are $6 each and Gaiters are $10 each.

All prices include shipping and handling in the continental United States. Contact us for prices anywhere else. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT or go to the THREE SIXES STORE to order yours now.

While Covid-19 has prevented THREE SIXES from playing live, it hasn’t stopped the writing of new material. As of now, the newest full length THREE SIXES CD is more than half written and more songs are in the works. The goal is to record a minimum of at least 10 new originals sometime in 2021 with a release soon after. Stay tuned for details as they happen.

FREE stickers are still also available for all wanting more. Just SEND US AN EMAIL with a  quantity and mailing address to send them to. They’ll be mailed to you immediately.

In the meanwhile, stay safe and THANK YOU for your continued support!

Friday, April 17, 2020:
While writing music for the next THREE SIXES record, a cover song has been released just before the NFL Draft this Thursday, 04/23 and is now online. THREE SIXES covered The (formerly Oakland, now Las Vegas) Raiders theme song “The Autumn Wind” under the band name of “THE SILVER AND BLACK ALLEGIANCE” or T.S.A.B.A. Not a remix, this song was made from scratch, featuring full brass and string symphonies, male and female choirs, guitars and insane drumming capped off with a massive fire representing the “Eternal Flame of Al Davis” to close it out- all in HD movie quality sound. THREE SIXES as “THE SILVER AND BLACK ALLEGIANCE” has its own webpage containing links to everything related to the song, including: A YouTube link that can be streamed, a Soundcloud link to stream or download, as well as a Facebook Page and more. Those not familiar with the original from 1974 can hear it on YouTube to compare it to the THREE SIXES version of 2020. This will be the only song by THREE SIXES performs under the name “THE SILVER AND BLACK ALLEGIANCE”. So until more new THREE SIXES material is released in the future, please share and like. Thank you for your continued support and stay safe.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019:
The last THREE SIXES show of this year is set for Saturday Night, September 7th with ENFORCER, WARBRINGER and others at MALONE’S. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Tickets and THREE SIXES merch can now be purchased through credit/debit cards and PayPal, as well as cash. Email or PM for credit/debit card or PayPal info. Remaining THREE SIXES 2019 “MISSION TO ANTAGONIZE” Tour shirts and Ladies shirts will also be available for only $10  that night. Go to the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE for more details.

While live shows for 2020 have been discussed, nothing as of this update has been confirmed. The plan after this night will be to take a hiatus from playing live to concentrate on new material which is already in the works. It could be awhile before THREE SIXES returns to the stage, so be sure to show up, wear your THREE SIXES gear and represent. It should be a great night.

Lastly, THREE SIXES would like to give a huge (and belated) THANK YOU for all who supported the recent 2019 tour! It was awesome meeting all of the new people and sharing the stage with such truly amazing players all over the country. We’re looking forward to doing it again! HORNS!

Saturday, June 1, 2019:
The CALENDAR has been updated with info for all shows on the next “MISSION TO ANTAGONIZE” tour which kicks off in less than two weeks from today. A few of the shows will also include a reunion with the brothers of THREE SIXES from ARISE IN CHAOS. Check the CALENDAR now for details.

A new VIDEO created by John and Damien has also just been posted on YouTube now explaining the rig used by THREE SIXES to play live. So for all the gearheads or just people who want to know what is going on “behind the scenes” at every THREE SIXES show WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW ON YOUTUBE.

New THREE SIXES merch will be available soon, including LADIES SHIRTS, as will new 2019 “MISSION TO ANTAGONIZE” Men’s tour shirts, also with discounted and loaded 2019 Bible Box sets. More details coming very soon. Keep checking back.

Wednesday, February 20 2019:
The new THREE SIXES “UNIT 731” video gets a killer review on YouTube, with quotes like “This band PUNCHED ME IN THE FUCKING FACE!”, “absolutely phenomenal” and much more. SEE THE REVIEW NOW.

Saturday, February 16 2019:
Following up on the success of the last tour of the Western USA with  ARISE IN CHAOS  and MICHALE GRAVES  (Misfits), THREE SIXES looks to support the release of the latest video for “Unit 731” produced by Damien LaVey and John Cross. The Industrial/Thrash quartet is currently booking a Summer 2019 tour. Kicking off in Santa Ana with FLOTSAM AND JETSAM on Wednesday, June 12th, the band looks to hit the stage in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and capping off with a stop in Las Vegas at the end of the month. For press/promotion and booking inquiries, please email through THE CONTACT PAGE  or message through the THREE SIXES FACEBOOK PAGE. Dates and venues to be confirmed soon.

Friday, January 25 2019:
Hear the latest interview with Damien from “The Dex and Diz” podcast uploaded today. Topics discussed include the new “Unit 731” video, how Drummer John Cross was discovered, opinions on beer and much more. LISTEN TO IT NOW.

Wednesday, January 16 2019:
The new “Unit 731” video by THREE SIXES can be seen on YouTube NOW. Go there. Watch it, Share it. SPREAD THE WORD.

Monday, December 31 2018:
THREE SIXES will be releasing a new video on 01/16/2019. The video is for the song “Unit 731” from the “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE..” album, which has been re-recorded with the current/2019 lineup. Watch and share the PREVIEW TRAILER ON YOUTUBE as well as  the WORLDWIDE VIDEO PREMIERE ON YOUTUBE FACEBOOK EVENT anywhere possible. THANK YOU for your support and we’ll see you in 2019!

Monday, April 16 2018:
THREE SIXES will be playing live with WARBRINGER, HATCHET and more on Saturday, 04/28 at MALONES in Santa Ana. More details (including set times for all bands) can be found on the EVENTS PAGE HERE as well as the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE. A free to download pdf is available to print flyers for this show by CLICKING HERE. Get there early, stay there late. Wear your THREE SIXES gear and SPREAD THE WORD.

Friday, January 26 2018:
Damien, Marko, John Cross and Johnny C will all be at NAMM today and tomorrow, as well as a few of the other shows in the area on both nights. Be sure to look for them and introduce yourself. A THREE SIXES 5 song “DIGITAL DEMO” is now available to stream and share  for FREE through Soundcloud at threesixes.com/demo AND new photos have also just been added to the PHOTO PAGE from the recent tour. More news will also be coming soon regarding live shows everywhere, including one on Saturday night, April 28th with WARBRINGER at MALONES. Stay tuned and SPREAD THE WORD.

Wednesday, November 7 2017:
Fresh off the “HIT THE PAVEMENT” TOUR with ARISE IN CHAOS, THREE SIXES took a moment to personally thank those who supported the 2017 tour. WATCH THE VIDEO NOW.

Monday October 9 2017:
Be sure to get daily updates and follow THREE SIXES on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to keep up with everything going on with the band as it’s happening. Go to the shows, share the event flyers and support THREE SIXES on the 2017 TOUR which starts this Thursday, 10/12 in Colorado Springs at ROCKS. SPREAD THE WORD

Wednesday, October 4 2017:
Print your own black and white THREE SIXES 2017 TOUR FLYERS with the updated dates and locations from the FREE High Resolution pdf. The file is large, so it might take a little longer than usual to load, but it looks great and prints perfectly. The two week tour kicks off next Thursday, 10/12 at ROCKS IN COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO. GET READY AND SPREAD THE WORD.

Thursday, September 28 2017:
A HUGE THANK YOU TO METAL KAOZ, EVER METAL, METAL SAMSARA, SHOCKWAVE MAGAZINE and WE ROCK WEBZINE for spreading the word about the upcoming tour. Look for THREE SIXES and see them when they are in your area. Go to the EVENTS PAGE or THE THREE SIXES FACEBOOK EVENTS PAGE for all the details on each show.

Friday, September 1 2017:
THREE SIXES have confirmed tour dates with PERPETUAL DEMENTIA and ARISE IN CHAOS for this October, with the dates and cities listed on the (free to download and print) OFFICAL TOUR POSTER as well as the CALENDAR PAGE. An ad promoting the tour will also be appear in the newest September/October issue of REVOLVER MAGAZINE. Details for each night can be found on the THREE SIXES FACEBOOK EVENTS PAGE, as well as the CALENDAR PAGE by clicking to the month of October. More news soon. SPREAD THE WORD.

Monday, May 29 2017:
THREE SIXES has two KILLER SHOWS booked for next month. The first will be FREE and NO AGE LIMIT on Friday, June 16th with SKUMLOVE which is specifically to encourage (but not required) for all who attend to go “LIVE” on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live or Periscope. Details regarding this first ever THREE SIXES interactive event and the show the next night on Saturday June 17th with REVMATIX can be found on the THREE SIXES TUMBLR PAGE TITLED “Upcoming shows!!!!!!”. A printable PDF version of the flyer for both nights can also be downloaded for FREE. More information is also available and will be updated regularly from the THREE SIXES FACEBOOK PAGE as it happens. SPEAD THE WORD.

Thursday, January 19 2017:
Damien, John Cross and THREE SIXES producer, Marko will all be at The NAMM show from today through Saturday. Be sure to look for them.

Saturday, December 17 2016:
New THREE SIXES photos from recent shoots with Matt Zane and #Marzphotoz, as well as live pics from OCFoto have just been posted. Go to the PHOTOS PAGE and see them now.

Tuesday, December 6 2016:

The new video for THREE SIXES’ full live set of the recent  “Resurrection” show played on 11/19 is available on YouTube now. GO HERE to see it or go to the THREE SIXES YOUTUBE CHANNEL to see it and the other THREE SIXES videos. A page dedicated to it has also been made with the new video embedded in it to make sharing easier at www.threesixes.com/live. Thanks to all who contributed from the audience and helped make this experience possible. Be sure to check back here for updates and follow THREE SIXES on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+. More news coming soon.

Friday, December 2 2016:
A new video for THREE SIXES’ full live set of the recent  “Resurrection” show played on 11/19 will be posted online in a few days on Tuesday, 12/06. The audio is raw and unedited, without any overdubs or effects. The video was taken from a few stationary  GoPro cameras and numerous cell phone video clips donated from members of the audience, which was condensed and arranged by JOHN CROSS. Check back here on Tuesday, 12/06 for the YouTube link of the full live set. Until then, take a look at the 20 second promotional video trailer found exclusively on the THREE SIXES FACEBOOK PAGE.

Tuesday, November 8 2016:
The fourth and final individual interviews from AUTOEROTICASPHYXIUM ‘ZINE is online. Read the INTERVIEW WITH JOHN CROSS and learn about the new THREE SIXES drummer.

Tuesday, November 1 2016:

Interview number 3 of 4 from AUTOEROTICASPHYXIUM ‘ZINE is online. Go there and read the INTERVIEW WITH JOHNNY C, the new THREE SIXES Bass player now.

Tuesday, October 25 2016:
As mentioned last week, a second new interview with each individual member of THREE SIXES is now posted from AUTOEROTICASPHYXIUM ‘ZINE. Read the INTERVIEW WITH KILL now.

Tuesday, October 18 2016:
Once a week, for the next four weeks, a new interview with each individual member of THREE SIXES will be posted from AUTOEROTICASPHYXIUM ‘ZINE. The first of the four interviews was posted today. Read the INTERVIEW WITH DAMIEN now.

Monday, October 17 2016:
THREE SIXES returns to the stage, playing live Saturday Night, November 19th in Santa Ana, California. For more info, click on the “Upcoming Events” button  or go to THE FACEBOOK EVENT INVITE for more details.

Friday, September 23 2016:
See the new “TRUTH” video by THREE SIXES!

Tuesday, September 20 2016:
THREE SIXES has returned, with a soon to be released, new music video and two new band members. The video will be for song #4 from the most recent “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” CD tilted “TRUTH”. It will be unleashed in a few days- this Friday, 09/23/2016. The video will be viewable on the THREE SIXES YOUTUBE PAGE, and the VIDEO PAGE as well as the sidebar of every page on this website starting from 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific Standard time that day. As for the new members, old school, underground Metalheads might recognize the new THREE SIXES Bass player- Johnny C, as a hardcore in the Los Angeles Death/Black Metal scene. See JOHNNY C’S BIO HERE and learn more if you didn’t already know him. While many may know Johnny C, many more might not recognize the new THREE SIXES Drummer. Until now, he’s been relatively unknown, but that will change soon. Check out the new heartbeat of the THREE SIXES rhythm section and  get to know JOHN CROSS, who doesn’t just play drums for THREE SIXES, but was also singlehandedly responsible for the killer, new “TRUTH” video which will be premiering this Friday, 09/23/2016 at 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific Standard time- that was entirely, all his doing. Much more news is also coming very soon. Start checking back here often or follow THREE SIXES on your favorite socials located on the right sidebar to keep up with everything related to THREE SIXES as it happens.

Wednesday, December 2 2015:
THREE SIXES says THANK YOU to everyone who has submitted to make #FanFriday continue for one, full consecutive year. READ THE BLOG FROM DAMIEN, keep submitting your pics and stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 21 2015:
Information regarding several previously undisclosed and unofficial THREE SIXES videos will be announced Monday though Saturday of next week though the THREE SIXES social media outlets. Those on the EMAILING LIST will know before of them before they are announced. So either SIGN UP FOR THE EMAILING LIST or follow THREE SIXES on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or Tumblr to see all kinds of THREE SIXES video material unavailable from the official THREE SIXES YOUTUBE PAGE.

Monday, August 24 2015:
A new interview with Damien by THE LEGION OF TCHORT ‘ZINE from Peru is online now, with THREE SIXES also being featured from the same in an upcoming compilation with bands from around the planet. Read the interview and other articles on THE LEGION OF TCHORT ‘ZINE site or here on the INTERVIEWS PAGE.

Thursday, June 24 2015:
METAL HORDE ‘ZINE from Portugal recently printed a six page interview (in English) with Damien which is now on the INTERVIEWS PAGE. The discussion includes not just how the band name evolved, but a link to the song that sparked the inception of THREE SIXES   and why it started the band, which has previously never been disclosed. READ IT NOW.

Wednesday, June 10 2015:
Long since its release, more strong reviews for “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” continue to be published. Another arrived today from California, USA. Read the latest review from SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS from their site or here on the REVIEWS PAGE.

Friday, May 29 2015:
A new THREE SIXES Tumblr blog about #FanFriday is online. If you don’t already follow THREE SIXES on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest, do it now, get caught up, participate and see yourself featured next.

Tuesday, May 19 2015:
THREE SIXES officially has a station on Pandora, to go along with Spotify, iHeart Radio and other streaming music sites. Tune in and listen NOW.

Monday, May 11 2015:
Another interview with Damien has just been posted. Read it now by CULT MONGERS ‘ZINE from New Zealand or from the INTERVIEWS PAGE.

Monday, April 27 2015:
A feature was just posted today online by UBER ROCK from the United Kingdom, who already gave “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” a killer REVIEW. Since then, Damien and Kill were asked to assemble a song list for a “mixtape” with 13 total songs and why they were chosen. Read it now on UBER ROCK or the INTERVIEWS PAGE.

Thursday, February 19 2015:
Thank you to Trixie and everyone else who listened and submitted questions during the live interview with Damien online last night. If you missed it, the full 2 part interview can be heard anytime from links on the INTERVIEWS PAGE.

Tuesday, February 17 2015:
Damien will be interviewed live, online tomorrow night, 02/18/15 at 7pm Pacific, 9pm Central and 10pm Eastern (USA) on Trixie’s Metal Madness Mayhem.  Be sure to tune in and hear as it happens.

Thursday, January 29 2015:
The most in depth, extensive interview with Damien to date is online, discussing everything THREE SIXES from the beginning to now. Read it from AUTOEROTICASPHYXIUM ZINE as well as the INTERVIEWS PAGE.

Wednesday, January 28 2015:
Adding to the growing list of strong reviews for “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” is the latest from Uruguay, saying (THREE SIXES has) “a unique sound and escapes any type of label“. See the original review in Spanish from RISE! E-ZINE or read the translated to English version on the REVIEWS PAGE.

“a unique sound and escapes any type of label“

Monday, January 5 2015:
“KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” gets another great review, noting THREE SIXES “may very well change metal, this band is creative and brilliant”. See the entire review posted today at 6:19PM from the SOULGRINDER ZINE website, as well as the THREE SIXES REVIEWS PAGE.

Tuesday, December 16 2014:
“KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” can now be streamed in it’s entirety from this website. Go to the MUSIC PAGE to stream full length or sample versions of the songs and read the lyrics from the new CD.

Tuesday, December 9 2014:
X-REVIEWS ZINE from Mexico gives a strong review of “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE”, stating THREE SIXES “offer something different and of course they have succeeded”. READ IT NOW

Friday, December 5 2014: “Fan Friday” starts today. PM a photo of yourself with anything related to THREE SIXES and it will be posted on several of THREE SIXES social media platforms. The first was posted today. Check the THREE SIXES Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to see the first photo submitted. Send us yours so you can be posted next.

Tuesday, November 25 2014:
METAL-TEMPLE from Greece has posted their opinions of the new THREE SIXES CD saying it is “a brutal punch of pure aggressiveness in the teeth”. READ IT NOW and get the rest of the details.

Saturday, November 22 2014:
Another strong review of KNOW GOD, NO PEACE just arrived from the United Kingdom. See what UBER ROCK had to say and see this, as well as the rest of the recent reviews on the REVIEWS PAGE.

Tuesday, November 18 2014:
KNOW GOD, NO PEACE, as well as the older THREE SIXES material can now also be heard on iHeart Radio.

Friday, November 14 2014:
The latest THREE SIXES Tumblr Blog titled “Reviews from consumers, media and our opinions, part 1 of 2” is now posted regarding the consumer media reviews. GO THERE and see what the band thinks of it all.

Monday, November 10 2014:
The winners for the consumer reviews contest to win a THREE SIXES Bible Box set have been chosen. Michael Snyder (reviews on CDBaby and Amazon) takes 1st place, Linda C. (for the review on Amazon) takes 2nd and Stephen Jack for his review on CDBaby takes 3rd overall. All winners need to contact THREE SIXES via either PM through Facebook and/or our CONTACT PAGE with your postal address and t-shirt size (Men’s S, M, L and XL) before 11:59PM on 12/31/2014 and your THREE SIXES Bible Box set will be sent to you. THANK YOU to all involved for your participation. Keep spreading the word.

Wednesday, October 8 2014:
Enter to win a Limited Edition THREE SIXES Box set by writing your own review of “KNOW GOD NO PEACE”. If you don’t have a copy, stream it FOR FREE. All songs other than Thunderstruck can be heard in their entirety on CD Baby and Spotify, with the full version of Thunderstruck available on the THREE SIXES Soundcloud page. Lyrics for all songs are also available HERE. Listen to the album. Write your review. Copy and paste it on the CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes pages. Deadline is Friday night at 11:59PM on Halloween, 10/31/2014. Winners will be announced soon after on this website and all of the THREE SIXES social media platforms located on the right side of this page, under the video trailer. The best THREE reviews win. Thank you for your support and good luck.

Tuesday, October 7 2014:
“KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” by THREE SIXES can now be streamed on Spotify.

Monday, October 6 2014:
“KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” by THREE SIXES can be streamed and purchased on CD Baby.

Friday, September 26 2014:
The new THREE SIXES “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” trailer/video is online. See it. Share it. NOW.

Wednesday, September 24 2014:
The latest reviews for “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” are here, with the first perfect 10 out of 10 score given today from Metal Samsara in Brazil now posted. See this and other recent reviews for the new THREE SIXES disc on the updated REVIEWS PAGE.

Sunday, September 21 2014:
The new THREE SIXES CD “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” is available now. Digital copies can be previewed and purchased through Amazon and physical/hard copies of the disc that contains the mini poster and QR code with additional bonus features available nowhere else, as well as t-shirts and more can be bought through the brand new THREE SIXES STORE. All prices on the page include shipping. The wait is over.

Monday, August 18 2014:
The 66 behind the scenes photos in 33 days of the upcoming full length THREE SIXES CD, “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” on the new Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest pages starts tomorrow. If you haven’t added them yet, follow THREE SIXES on these pages now.

Monday, August 11 2014:
Coinciding with the upcoming release of the new CD will be 33 days of regular postings with 66 “behind the scenes” photos leading all the way up to the release date that will not be available here. In the regular posts starting next week on Tuesday, August 19th will be photos chronologically arranged from the first pre production meeting, to the scratch tracking, initial mini poster/artwork sketches, recording, mixing, finished artwork to duplication and the final release, all without interruptions or delays on the brand new THREE SIXES Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts. The first ever THREE SIXES blog on Tumblr is also now posted. Go to the links, add all of them now and stake your claim as being there where the new beginning started- from day one.

Friday, August 8 2014:
The new THREE SIXES full length CD “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” is finished, with a release date set for Sunday, September 21st 2014, on “The International Day of Peace”. The new disc, as well as 9 color t-shirts, Three Sixes “Bibles” and much more will be available here through the THREE SIXES STORE, which will be accessible on September 21st. The new digital CD will be available through iTunes and hardcopies will also be from other distributors to be confirmed in the near future. More details regarding the long awaited new album will be posted here soon. For those who can’t wait and need to know more right now, check the first entry of the brand new THREE SIXES Tumblr page. Spread the word.

Thursday, August 7 2014:   

Tuesday, January 21 2014:
Free to download for a limited time are two brand new THREE SIXES songs from the long awaited and upcoming, full length “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE…” CD. The tunes are an Industrialized cover of “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC, along with a THREE SIXES original titled “Arch Enemy” and available on the THREE SIXES Soundcloud page now.

Currently, the remaining songs included on “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE…”  are in the process of being Mastered at Red Mastering  and CDs will be in duplication soon thereafter. While a release date has yet to be determined, the estimation is for Spring of this year. Live shows will follow.

The “KNOW GOD, NO PEACE” video is completed, but will be available online after the record is released. In addition to the new CD and video that will both be available, so will all of the latest THREE SIXES merchandise, including THREE SIXES CDs, shirts, stickers, photos and limited edition “Bibles” also to coincide with the release from a new merchandise page that will be added to this website.

Both Damien and Producer, Marko will be at the NAMM show  and other events in the area this weekend. If you see them, feel free to introduce yourself and share your thoughts on the new material.

Keep checking back. Much more is in the works, will be happening soon and often. Thank you for your dedicated and never ending support. Spread the word.

Sunday, March 10 2013:
THREE SIXES will be returning to the stage, to shoot live video footage for the epic title track- “Know God, No Peace…” on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at Riff Haus Studios, in Fullerton, California. Admission is FREE and there is NO AGE LIMIT. You can be there to not only witness the destruction, but participate in the chaos. Plenty of chances will also be available to get your face in the live footage of the madness being filmed…and possibly even have your voice be heard if you can scream loud enough. For more information, additional details are noted on our UPCOMING EVENTS CALENDAR.

Close-up band shots without the audience will be filmed first from 5-7pm. THREE SIXES will then break from 7-8pm and the doors will open for admission. In order to get everyone organized, please arrive no later than 7pm. At approximately 8pm, the live filming with the audience and THREE SIXES will begin and run until 10pm. Cameras are also welcomed to snap some shots with the band after the crowd footage is filmed.

Brand new, official “Know God, No Peace…” t-shirts not yet available anywhere else with 9 color fronts and 4 color backs will also be for sale for $20 at the filming, as well as a selection of old school merch which can also be purchased. SEE YOU THERE.

Read older news and band updates here.