John Cross – Drums

John Crossjohnpic

Birth Date: September 6

Duties: Drums

Quote: “Never give up, never surrender”

Interests: Science & Technology, Politics, Religion, Music performance & composition, Visual arts, Video games.

Born and raised in Southern California, John Cross has been surrounded by heavy music his entire life. His Mother introduced him to old school Thrash bands like Metallica and Slayer, but his real interest in music was sparked when he saw Oingo Boingo’s Farewell concert on VHS and the energy a live band could emanate. A natural born drummer, John began taking private drum lessons at the age of 9, where he was first introduced to rudiments and music theory basics. When he hit High School, John built on his drumming in the school drumline, where he learned the importance of discipline and precision, while simultaneously getting into heavier, faster, and more demanding music. In his senior year of high school, John joined his first serious band and began playing local shows. The band self-recorded several demos, and with that experience decided to record their own album, with John at the helm of the production and mixing. After a successful album release show, the group disbanded and John went on to write his own music. A few years passed until Damien came across John’s work and contacted him about joining THREE SIXES. John began practicing to get through the audition process, and then got to work building on his skills to meet the high precedent set by former THREE SIXES drummer, Konnyaku. With previous studio and live performance experience, and a desire to break the boundaries of himself as well as the band, John brings a new energy to the already chaotic and bombastic experience of THREE SIXES

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