UNIT 731 VIDEO REVIEW FROM ALEX HEFNER ON YOUTUBE “This band PUNCHED ME IN THE FUCKING FACE!”, “absolutely phenomenal” and “This band knows how to deliver energy from the very beginning until the very last noted played” and much more. WATCH THE REVIEW ON YOUTUBE NOW.

KNOW GOD, NO PEACE CD Review from METALSAMSARA, Brazil FROM BRAZILIAN PORTUGESE TO ENGLISH THROUGH GOOGLE TRANSLATE- Definitely, THREE SIXES is a great revelation, and “Know God, No Peace …” is worth and ink to write a New Testament in the Metal world.” Universal Sign Records Note 10.0 / 10.0 By Mark “Big Daddy” Garcia

When speaking at the School of Metal United States, it is good to keep in mind that the bands that arise in that country are not accommodated in well-established models.  Far from it, which always governs the American School’s addiction to melody and technique, but at the same time, the search for innovation, a custom sound.  Thus, we can infer that making music in the USA is almost a process of self-knowledge, to seek the best way to put out what I carry in your in musical form.  And a band that does so excellently is the quartet THREE SIXES, Westminster (CA), which now shows his claws in “Know God, No Peace …” a fantastic album and it’s a beautiful show that a calloused and willing to break new ground band can do.

First of all, the sound of the quartet is an explosive mix of Thrash Metal, Hardcore, Industrial Metal influences and traditional Metal.  But the final product is punched by excessive aggressiveness, but polished and well planned.  The quartet shows clearly know how to balance these elements well, and it’s good to know that here are not dealing with something conventional, well this far.  Aggressive vocals very good in normal tones sour riffs and massive guitar (with well thought out solos), bass and drums in a perfect balance of technical and heavy footprint.  The band does not prioritize individual technique, but seeks to focus on music as a whole, and that is precisely what brightens their work, which is mostly based on enveloping riffs and choruses easily assimilated.

Produced by the group in partnership with Marko Olson (where the latter also did the sound engineering and mixing), the sound quality of the music is crystal clear, with each instrument and detail appearing with due proportion and in its place, but at the same time , the sound is dense, abrasive, heavy aching teeth.  That is, the sound production is perfect.

The art deserves honorable mention because on one side we see the presentation mostly in shades of black, it is good to note that we have a luxurious Digipack six leaves, with all the necessary details, including a famous quote from Albert Einstein “I do not believe in a personal God, I have never denied this but have expressed clearly, “which incorporates lyrical themes very clearly to the group.  And the liner notes, following this line of thought, shows an image where religion, represented in the stylized figure of Mary of Nazareth, is linked directly to the ills that plague our world (wars, exploitation of disadvantaged people, hunger, corruption, movements activists against the rights of others, racial discrimination).  But beware: the band’s lyrics narrate a purely skeptical point of view, and protests are covering several bad aspects of our reality that, at bottom, are fueled by religion, especially the Abrahamic origin (Judaism, Christianity and its variations, and Islam).

In the musical aspect THREE SIXES really knows how to work aspects of their musical proposal very well balanced way, is when they get heavier, fast, rhythmic and Industrial, but without extrapolating the technique.  Here, the music is impressive, heavy and aggressive, with well thought out arrangements.  And we still have the glow of cameos: Kit Potamkin (pianos and keyboards, and vocals sampled from “Unit 731” and “Know God, No Peace …”), Ron McGinnis (vocals on “Revelation”), Marko Olson (guitar solo on “Revelation” and backing vocals on the whole album), ‘Bloody’ Mary Powers-Agnew (backing vocals on “Know God, No Peace …”), Freddy Contreras and Aleister Shiva (backing vocals throughout the CD) Keith Dickenhofe (cello on “Know God, No Peace …” and “Where Eternity Starts”), Rachel Attarian (vocals sampled backwards in “Lead Winged Angel …”), and Suzy “Q” Calkins (narration and vocals sampled from “Lead Winged Angel”).

In “Know God, No Peace …”, the songs are well balanced, so there are not highlights.  The CD is good as a whole.

“Saviour” is a grim introduction of keyboards and guitars, with sampled vocals and other torn, that the listener acclimates to the ferocious and technical ‘Lead Winged Angel “which opens with a deriving gross footprint of Death Metal, which alternates with moments with vocal torn in normal tones, besides having a great chorus. “Darkside” is milder and introspective, hushed vocals alternating with other more aggressive, and still others in between, plus a beautiful touch of class piano, keyboards and sullen again with excellent chorus (those who hear and are in the mind), and some riffs that remind quite the “Roots” Sepultura phase.  Faster and more aggressive is “Truth” with great bass and drum work and a fuller chorus of influences HC.  Already “Arch Enemy” is lilting and abrasive (gaining more speed near the end and then return to the slower times), with excellent work in very aggressive riffs and vocals without losing the sense of melody, and great backing vocals.  In “Soul Destroyer”, a very acidic range, we have the most well-exposed side of the Industrial band, a hell of samplers and much like you did in the MINISTRY classic “Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste” effects.  Introduced by riffs à la Slayer, “Kingdom of Lies” is more dynamic, with good integration of rhythmic base with the work of the guitars.  With a more melodic tempo and a more engaging and accessible way, is “Hand of Hell”, one of those tracks worthy of praise, with very good vocals (Damien knows how to use his voice very well).  Weight and cadence introduce “Saint?” Which gets a very dynamic riffs ganchuda (which riffs!).  Then we have the surprise of an updated, aggressive and with touches of Industrial Metal to “Thunderstruck” by AC / DC, who was excellent in this guise version (notice how the vocals of Damien follow the same nuances of Brian Johnson, but without imitating it does). “Celebrity Underground” is another with a more accessible feel with raw riffs and easy assimilation.  In “Unit 731”, we have a song lilting mezzo, mezzo fast, with clear hints of abrasive HC.  Is sullen and introspective “Where Eternity Starts”, climate and sinister as well, with breathy vocals. “Revelation” is a mix of industrial touches and weight, with a narrative background that reminds us quite pastors and priests television, inciting war and intolerance, almost an introduction to the closing with a flourish of “Know God, No Peace …”, which starts with ominous chords of guitars and electronic effects, before turning a torrent of aggression and certain touch of melancholy, but to be a pretty extensive track (lasting more than 11 minutes), we have many variations of time and a perfect dynamic between vocals, bass, drums, guitars and guest appearances by backing vocals, pianos, keyboards.  It is absolute destruction in the form of music.

Definitely, THREE SIXES is a great revelation, and “Know God, No Peace …” is worth and ink to write a New Testament in the Metal world.


KNOW GOD, NO PEACE CD Review from UBER ROCK, United Kingdom- “….such badass metal”….”Three Sixes have shared stages with the likes of Prong, Fear Factory, Murderdolls, Death Angel, Strapping Young Lad, Powerman 5000 and the Genitorturers – now they should share shelf space with them in your music collections too”.

Bands that send social media messages that simply contain the line “hey guys, review our band!” and a YouTube link to some live footage filmed on a cell phone take note: Southern Californian outfit Three Sixes sent their new album in a full-size replica of the Holy Bible, and all the way across the Atlantic too.

Three Sixes formed in 1999 and have followed up their 2005 self-titled full length debut album with ‘Know God, No Peace’, a concept album of sorts that was released on the United Nation’s International Day of Peace at the end of September, the trail of bloody death left in religion’s wake the tie that binds the album’s fifteen brutal tracks together.

Not only did the album arrive in the incredible aforementioned packaging, but it also comes wrapped in a great digipak that houses a fantastic foldout poster featuring thought-provoking artwork that totally sums up the spirit of the band: if you walk the left hand path, or are even just awake enough to see through the lies that we’re subjected to as commonly as we intake oxygen, then ‘Know God, No Peace’ will impress on many levels.

It all comes back to the music though, doesn’t it? Happily, Three Sixes have fashioned a somewhat unique take on the sonic brutality generally accustomed to this kind of alternative thinking.

I’ve always stifled a hearty chuckle at the press campaigns of certain noisy bands who speak of the want for political change and the exposing of lies in their music yet when you slip it on the death deck you can’t understand a single friggin’ word that is said. The chimera of heavy duty metal, thrash and death that Three Sixes deal in, with a bloody splash of horror metal here, an oily drop of industrial there, along with the outstanding album packaging, results in the band’s message coming across firmly and bluntly.

The lyrical subject matter is as dark as the cover, ‘Lead Winged Angel’ devoted to the monstrous work of serial killer Aileen Wuornos for example, but the industrial-tinged cover of AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ confirms that even these gnarled metal veterans can see light in the darkest places. That said, the title track that closes the album is dedicated to those serving, or have served, in the U.S. military and features a spoken word passage from the book ‘God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything’, just in case you’ve started to forget the message during the playback of such badass metal.

Three Sixes have shared stages with the likes of Prong, Fear Factory, Murderdolls, Death Angel, Strapping Young Lad, Powerman 5000 and the Genitorturers – now they should share shelf space with them in your music collections too.


KNOW GOD, NO PEACE CD Review from METALCOREFANZINE, Marlton, New Jersey, USA – (To locate this review on their website, click the link above. Hit the “Reviews” tab. Click the top, “09/22/14 Reviews Include” link. It will be the sixth review from the bottom of the page).

“Speed blasts that will crush and hurt you and vocals that will have you on your knees….They aren’t also some generic we sound like 10,000 other bands too”

THREE SIXES/Know God No Peace (Universal Sign Records) Some nifty death/thrash metal with some crushing vocals to go along with the music. Speed blasts that will crush and hurt you and vocals that will have you on your knees. This band blend thrash and death metal into one lethal combo on this I can tell you that. I love the guitar sound and the real blast beats on this as well. They aren’t also some generic we sound like 10,000 other bands too. Songs and riffs that I remembered after each song was done too. A very strong release and well worth checking out.


KNOW GOD, NO PEACE CD Review from REVIEWERMAG.NET, San Diego, California, USA- “True metalheads, you won’t be disappointed” and “It’s take-no-prisoners and all hardcore”. Reviewed by Reviewer Rob

Lot’s of ultra aggressive, fast, crunching and grinding death-metal here. Shrieking guitars, thumping machinegun drums, hoarse/growling vocals and sound effects that include sirens (?) mingle with soul destroying anti-gosh lyrics. Damian has been at this for a long time. I began getting emails from him over ten years ago and started reviewing his stuff out of sunny Orange County back then so he is no dilettante to the dark side of the O.C. music scene. We talked before about stripper-types and nude models in the Huntington Beach area and I got the impression he could be like a part-time titty bar doorman/bouncer or something, but maybe that was just his menacing metal vibe coming out over the phone. Actually I didn’t ask so I have no idea what he does for a day job, or even if he has one. This style of music took a long time to get down, I’m certain, so he might have all the time in the world to perfect his evil kraft. Studiousness in the dark side shows in this highly polished and well-oiled machine of a CD. True metalheads, you won’t be disappointed here. One can feel the scary light show and explosions of fire on stage as it plays. There’s a dtuiful AC/DC cover here too, done in dragged-out screamy precision in track 10′s “Thunderstruck”. The CD came packaged in a large anti-bible mock-up, reinforcing the recurring message in these lyrics that religion is a myth. Yep, Damian sure looks like he believes what he preaches. The tracks don’t let up in their intensity; they’re like an invading army attacking, until track 15′s “Know God, No Peace” where Damien screams the final rebellious lyrics of “I won’t obey!”

You get the idea? It’s take-no-prisoners and all hardcore here.

After the final listed track, long after it’s finished, is a secret track, listed on my Windows Media Player as number 33 where the vocals (of Damien, I assume) intone words about how the universal key to happiness is “strength, truth, and independence…” and go on with a philosophical monologue about the nature of independence and how it is dependent on the self, while drums pound and sonic voices moan over it in the background, fading out with the words “in silence” repeated at very long intervals.

This is actually a very danceable track. Watch for it to be played at your local industrial/goth club, with a smoke machine thickly shrouding the floor…

RR _________________________________________________________________________________

KNOW GOD, NO PEACE CD Review from SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS, Garden Grove, California, USA- “a driving force that makes me want to smash shit”

Have you ever popped an album on, and immediately felt the blood rush through your veins, like someone just placed some jumper cables on your sack? Don’t worry, just throw in “Know God, No Peace” the 2015 release from Three Sixes. This band has been putting out great metal for over a decade. This time they have really laid their balls on the table. From the amazing (not just a “dude, check out my band, we’re totally metal” demo) press kit that arrived at my door. My first thought was, God Dammit! these fucking bible thumpers left some shit on my door. Oh no sir, this was a hollowed out bible replica that contained a bio pic, stickers, and a cd that screams at your eyes and ears. There is also a special surprise inside the cd case. What is it you ask? Maybe it’s a heavy metal condom, maybe it’s a Billy Graham poster, or maybe you should get off your fucking ass and buy the cd to find out. These guys get it! You have to market yourself, so, pimply faced metal heads eager to get their name out there, take some fucken notes kiddos. Now, on to the music… I have listen to earloads of technical, thrash, horror, and industrial metal. The track “Lead Winged Angel” in my opinion was an amazingly dark depiction of serial killer Aileen Wournos. Title track “Know God, No Peace” is a direct punch in the face of religion and the bullshit problems it has caused. Now, many bands attempt to cover AC/DC, and many bands fail! Not Three Sixes, these guys industrialize the shit out of this song and it FUCKING WORKS! You can tell these guys have put their souls (what’s left of them) into this album. Powerfully piercing vocals that stab at your chest, guitar that is so powerful, Harley Davidson might want to harness it into an engine, and lets not leave out the drums and bass, a driving force that makes me want to smash shit while listening to them. All in all, Three Sixes have put together an outstanding Metal album. So raise a glass, you boys done good! m/


KNOW GOD, NO PEACE CD Review from RISE! E-ZINE, Uruguay, FROM SPANISH TO ENGLISH THROUGH BING TRANSLATOR- “a unique sound and escapes any type of label

A quite larger than usual  package for a disc was handed to me from the mailman one morning, so I was immediately curious to know what it was. Upon opening it, I found a box with the shape and size of the Bible with “Holy Bible” on the cover, which puzzled me a few seconds to open the box and see that inside were press releases and the disc, in an original way to present promotional material that has this American band called Three Sixes. This presentation is only a part of the entire concept that turns this Quartet that began as a soloist of Damien (vocalist) project in 1998, which is to show how throughout history, different religions beliefs have taken more lives than all diseases combined. In fact, they point to do this explicitly, since the above-mentioned submission to the title of the album, lyrics, art and a quotation from Albert Einstein in the inside of the disc, in which he stated not to believe in God as such.

September 21 is celebrated the “international day of peace”, created by the United Nations, which is a commitment to teach children the value of tolerance and mutual respect to build a world fair and inclusive, contrary to the intolerance and violence caused by beliefs in different religions. This day not only inspired the band in the lyrics of the song that gives title to the album, but that the album was released on the date of celebration of this day!

If we go to the history of Three Sixes, find that they have shared the stage with Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, Samael, Murderdolls and Death Angel, to mention just a few, however, despite its already long history of fifteen years, “Know God, No Peace…” is just his second disc, being the previous material their self-titled album of 2005.

Musically, Three Sixes goes by the side of industrial metal fused with elements of Thrash, Hardcore, Nu Metal, Groove and Techno, what is clear is that they work hard in achieving a unique sound and escapes any type of label. Apart from that , the album passes through some very good and interesting moments, highlighting the Court’s outreach “Lead Winged Angel”, which includes a very good vocal work of Damien like “Hand of Hell”, the dark “Where Eternity Starts” with Damien whispering voices style Manson, a surprising and strange industrial version of “Thunderstruck”, the classic AC/DC, and closing with “Know God, No Peace…” eleven minutes of duration and countless electronic effects.

“Know God, No Peace…” is a record that requires several listens to understand completely and is rare to find, but that is precisely the intention of Three Sixes, be unique. I recommend that you give them a chance and get your findings!


KNOW GOD, NO PEACE CD Review from SOULGRINDER ZINE, Whitehall, Pennsylvania USA- (THREE SIXES) “may very well change metal, this band is creative and brilliant”

Three Sixes is a controversial metal band, and that it may very well change metal, this band is creative and brilliant, many could attack this album as simply only having various songs that all feature almost the exact same riffs each time. And though that’s true ,what they are able to create with one single riff is amazing. Their style of making music is creative, each instrumentalist playing something in a different time signature. This sort of experimentation truly pays off in the long run, as it leaves listeners scratching their heads and wondering just exactly what they heard featuring odd time signatures, aggressive drumming and guitar playing, and the signature brutal vocals from Damien grabbing the listener the moment they hit the play button. The band also experimented with slower ambient pieces, and these help to transition the listener from part to part, giving them a much needed break from the familiar riff that dominates the main theme of the song. Three Sixes is not for everyone. But if one has the patience and open-mindedness to listen to this band, then this album is clearly the place to start. It’s the first album of theirs I listened to, and at first I truly did not know what to think. But after relistening to it a few times, I saw the genius in their work. Is it flawed? Of course, everything ever made is flawed (here, in particular, the repetition can get a bit tedious). But is it still a fantastic experience from start to finish? Also includes an interesting cover of Ac/Dc. Yes. And it’s worth every second.
Review by Paul Caravasi
Posted by soulgrinder zine at 6:19 PM


KNOW GOD, NO PEACE CD Review from X-REVIEWS ZINE, Mexico (as translated from Spanish to English from Google translate)
 (THREE SIXES) “offer something different and of course they have succeeded”

offer something different and of course they have succeeded – See more at:

“Know god, no peace …”
Universal sign records
Total Duration: 1:17:52

This year is going to hell and discs parading through this language does not cease to amaze not know but it’s as if fate had booked me the latest to the end [but not as good] mmm … what? Well let’s say the album I’m about relate to you is not exactly the best thing I’ve crossed by the road, however if somewhat unconventional in three ways: The disc packaging, the grotesque + disturbing handmade image painted by hand and finally style, to see how many Industrial Metal thrash bands have dispatched us?

Well, starting from the general to the particular talk about everything separately and that doing so together that promote valemadrismo not put adequate attention and especially disrespect to their creators, so here we go:

a) “The packaging of the album” .- Well upon receipt of PO Box alkyl observed that it was a rather large box, assuming it was one of those companies that often drop fifty discs without much thought but no, it was as light as it was just a wrapped disc in a cardboard carton full color pretended to be the “holy bible”, in it there was no sacred text but on the contrary a new airbag cushion the contents and below her a text saying “Know god, no peace …”, besides that the biography, album presentation with details of his own production company, promotional and even augmented reality code to scan and access to extra content, great!

b) “The grotesque + craft disturbing picture painted by hand” .- go if I managed to witness the art of morbid minds and very talented, such as that of Split Eutanos + Coldblood, but this is really amazing, because I seems they did a complete representation of the garbage that shapes the world: religious extremists, lunatic leaders, Pope, armed conflicts, drug business, protests, animal abuse, the twin towers in flames, center a virgin naked crying blood and on it a few nuclear missiles with different flags that threaten to break the mother at the slightest provocation Do you think I exaggerated in the comment? No it which, if I think even lacked more description …

c) The Thrash Metal industrial.- when someone mentions the word thrash mind is transported to the aggressive, fast music, with incandescent riffs and classic Tupa Tupa gang member in an environment denim vests adorned with patches and stuff, but this I believe that only 50% has this American group, since the remaining half is more focused to enable electronic elements, effects of various types, very little punchis punchis [what is known as an industrial], some death metal and what appears to be strongly influenced by Hard rock / Metal – as for lovers of asphalt. Some tunes show a clear influence of the metal core, well stuck with their heavily laden riffs and a battery shrapnel style …

If there is anything I should emphasize with permanent marker is  the closure of this interesting album is on account of a 10-minute outro called “Independence” where boasts a good number of strange electronic effects is done.

I know and I understand this may prove them confusing but this is precisely what I’m hearing right now, so if any of you want the experience, the CD can be purchased though paypal.

In conclusion THREE SIXES run a good thrash with electronic elements as a basis, thereafter risking much to offer something different and of course they have succeeded, honestly I found an album of 85/100.


KNOW GOD, NO PEACE CD Review from PESTWEBZINE.COM, Romania- “…very diverse material with excellent sound quality recordings, professional look and a very strong message”

Every once in a while we receive some “weird” promo packs, and this one is one of them: the CD was packed in a box that not only looks like a book, but it has a title, too, Holy Bible. At first I thought we’re receiving threats from religious organizations or something, but then I remembered Damien (the band’s vocalist) mentioned a “not ordinary” pack he sent. This is the band’s second full-length album and it will be released on the 21st of September, the International Day of Peace, ironically, of course. Damien not only looks like Kreator’s Mille Petrozza but his voice is also somehow similar to the one of the German legend, but he’s very versatile and I’d say he’s a strong frontman for this band, an interesting leader if I add on top of that his lyrics, quite sharp and probably even offensive for some, orbiting around anti-religion and anti-politics themes. The instrumental part is varied as well ranging from Industrial Metal to old-school Punk Thrash, Hardcore, even to Nu Metal, a mix that sounds groovy, modern, solid and possibly capable to attract a signifiant part of the Metal youth, although I’d say it’s more oriented to the US market than to the European scene as far as I know the scene here in Europe. A very diverse material with excellent sound quality recordings, professional look and a very strong message, a band you’d probably check out; there is also a hidden track on this CD, the 33rd track (!), don’t miss it, it sums up the whole album’s message. As for minuses I’d name the lack of 1 or more hit tracks, they all are of similar quality, and the cover of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” that lacks of both catchiness and aggression as Industrial Metal, it’s an interesting attempt but at least for me it didn’t work. Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these guys reach mainstream levels in the future… Reviewed by Adrian Rating: 8/10


 KNOW GOD, NO PEACE CD Review from ARTE METAL, Brazil FROM BRAZILIAN PORTUGESE TO ENGLISH THROUGH GOOGLE TRANSLATE “…the work demonstrated by Three Sixes is bold and shows that the band does not care about the standards imposed often by Rock / Metal.”

Three Sixes – “Know God, No Peace …” – 2014 – Universal Sign Records (Imported)

First material that comes in a box simulating the holy bible and within one digipack packaging, plus a booklet with the lyrics on the opposite side form a poster. The first impression is that it is a black metal band, but it is a mistake.

 “Know God, No Peace …” is the second album of American Three Sixes, who has 16 years of road and is headed by Damien LaVey (vocals).  The sound on this album is a proven Industrial Metal quite experimental and it is not easy to digest, especially the most conservative.

 The band invested well in the guitar work, which have influences from thrash metal riffs and heavy sound even when the electronic ‘samples’ are done with this emphasis.  A Punk vein also appears on the album, but in sporadic moments.

LaVey’s vocals are insane, with sharp shouts and show some aggressiveness. However, chafes a bit at times.  There are 15 tracks plus one hidden, and the brutal Lead Winged Angel, Darkside and his melodic footprint ‘means’ Rammstein, electronics ala Ministry Soul Destroyer and the industrial cover for Thunderstruck, AC / DC are the highlights.

 Anyway, the work demonstrated by Three Sixes is bold and shows that the band does not care about the standards imposed often by Rock / Metal.  The work deserves several heard, it causes weirdness immediately.  The less tolerant minds must pass away.


KNOW GOD, NO PEACE CD Review from METAL-TEMPLE.COM, Greece- “a brutal punch of pure aggressiveness in the teeth”

Well, to speak about the North American Metal school, it’s best for everyone to understand that they never are comfortable in following rules and dogmas inside Metal. No, the North American guys are always trying to expand the frontiers, always trying to create something new. And some guys really do fine works this way, as the quintet from Westminster (California) THREE SIXES, and they show their talons and fangs on “Know God, No Peace”, their new album.

They are doing a mix between modern Thrash Metal with some Groove and Industrial influences, tons of Hardcore elements, creating a music aggressive and abrasive, but as well Traditional Heavy Metal touches. But be aware: the result is a brutal punch of pure aggressiveness in the teeth, but elegant and pulsing with energy and a proper identity. The vocals use aggressive tunes of Damien’s normal voices, great guitar riffs and solos, a heavy and technical rhythmic basis. But all these elements fused creates a strong and evident personality, and they sound as band where the music is more important than individual technique on instruments.

Produced by the band along with Marko Olson (who did the mixing and mastering as well), the sound quality is as clear as water, but dense and heavy, but with very good tunes in each instrument, gathering along their musical influences and creating something cohesive and aggressive.

With a six-fold Digipack, with a famous citation “I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly”, said by of Albert Einstein, a reference of their lyrical context. The artwork is almost black, but with the booklet using a personalized draw of Mother Mary linked to all evil things that are eating our world (corruption, hunger, war, racial problems, and others). But beware: the band’s lyrics are protests against bad things of our reality, not something linked to foul Satanism. They are attacking the evil caused by religions.

Full of guest appearances (all of them named on the CD booklet), “Know God, No Peace” is a great and perfect album, having its best moments on “Lead Winged Angel” (with great vocals and riffs, introduced by some Death Metal influences on the drums), “Darkside” (a more introspective song, with some whispered voices singing along with harsh vocals), the abrasive “Arch Enemy” (with slower tempo, where great bass and drums works appear), “Soul Destroyer” and its great Industrial influences, “Hand of Hell” (a little more melodic and accessible song, again with very great work of Damien on vocals), “Unit 731” and its good balance between fast moments and slower ones, the darkened and introspective “Where Eternity Starts”, and the excellent and perfect “Know God, No Peace”, with great pianos and keyboards appearances, along with fine riffs and vocals along its more than 11 minutes of duration. But we must say as well that their personalized version for AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” is wonderful, full of Industrial elements.

Know THREE SIXES, and have a great time!


KNOW GOD, NO PEACE CD Review from METALASFUCK.NET-, Australia- “a face-melting blast of angry metal”

American metallists Three Sixes seem to have a few identity issues. A first glance at the lavish packaging surrounding the CD suggests they might be a punk or hardcore band, what with the back cover echoing the work of UK agit punx Crass and all. Then a poster falls out of the sleeve, all images of nuclear holocaust, nefarious prelates and politicians and you’re thinking ‘yes! Definitely some sort of old school thrash/crossover act!’.

Then the music starts.

Intro track Saviour sets things up well enough, introducing us to singer Damien’s scratchy howl of a voice, before lead track proper Lead Winged Angel  kicks you in the ‘nads with a furious take on the sort of thrash Overkill and Exodus churn out these days. Where’s the punk? Ain’t nowhere I can find it, but it’s early days and what we’re hearing at this point is really rather good. Onwards and upwards into track three, Darkside – and here’s where my problems start. A baleful piano intro gives the first clue of what lie ahead, and then Damien goes off on a sort of half-spoken semi rap, working himself into a frenzy until he sounds like Bobby ‘Blitz’ Elsworth singing a Korn outtake. This is disconcerting to my old punk ears, and not very pleasant if I’m honest. Didn’t this sort of schtick die out ten years ago? Obviously not. Or maybe it’s an American thing. Who knows? Whatever, I dount if this track will be troubling my ears again.

Next track Truth is much more like it. A straightforward blast of West Coast hardcore fury topped off with Damien’s totally over-the-top delivery and some gang vocalled shouting of ‘TRUTH!!’ this is much more what I was expecting when I opened the tin, and all the better for it. A steaming, unfettered thrash anthem, it’s the best thing so far on the album and it’s made me completely forget that nonsense on Darkside. Arch Enemy isn’t quite as good, but Three Sixes appear to be getting into something of a groove now and hitting their stride. A big, busy chorus carries the track, although the crawling, chugging verses aren’t quite as good. I’m very definitely getting the notion here that this band operates best at higher speeds…

This idea is borne out by Soul Destroyer, which rides in on a wave of electronic belches and farts, blips an- (we get the idea – impatient Ed), and never really recovers from that scratchy start. Damien goes for a Burton C. Bell approach here, but it’s not working for me. Heinz may have prospered with 57 varieties, but Three Sixes definitely work best when they keep it simple and thrashy to my mind.

All the disparate musical threads so far exhibited actually come pretty close to coalescing on the angry Kingdom of Lies. All the best bits from the half dozen previous tracks are thrown into the pot and out comes a steaming piece of mid-paced metallic aggression that really works. Note to Three Sixes: Maybe persevere with this singular direction for a whole album’s worth of material next time!

They can’t even manage it for one song here, of course; Hand of Hell features some more staccato, almost rap vocalising from Damien and more of that jagged, simplistic downtuned riffage so beloved of no-hope acts like Five Finger Death Punch. I’m still waiting for a bit more punk, by the way.

Saint? Actually confounds my carping by sounding just like the track that’s gone before it for a couple of minutes before speeding up a bit and ramping up the intensity, but it’s limp ending doesn’t do justice to what seemed to be a song building up to an explosive crescendo.

A few more bleeps and then, seemingly out of nowhere, the band throws in a cover of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. Why? Amidst all the angst, all the swearing, all the rapping, all the shouting comes a weird take on straightforward commercial hard rock. It stands out like a stiffy in a nunnery – and not in a good way – although guitarist Kill does slip a very nice solo in to make things a bit better.

After this madness the second half of the album is doomed to sounding frankly humdrum, surely. That said, Underground Celebrity is a serviceable piece of modern metal that works well, probably because the bells and whistles are stripped away, leaving the band to simply grind out some pleasing riffs and a catchy chorus. Guess what – it works! Unit 731 is the album’s standout track; a blistering, unhinged rant from Damien is backed up by some more tight work from Kill and some nice drums courtesy of Komyaku behind the kit. Like Kingdom of Lies, this is a track where Three Sixes starts to make sense as a musical entity, stripping back the peripherals to concentrate on delivering a face-melting blast of angry metal. It’s a grand listen.

Where Eternity Starts finds the band slipping into their gothic outfits, Damien doing his best Filth/Manson creepfest with a spoken word delivery that works despite the high cheese levels, but the same can’t be said for the anti-religion rant of Revelation, which is just boring.

That’s fourteen tracks down, and yet amazingly there is still over twenty minutes more material to wade through in the shape of the sprawling title track and a ten-minute-long mystery bonus track, which on my copy was untitled but which turns out to be a ten minute polemic on something or other. To be honest I wasn’t really taking much in by this point, having had my senses battered by Three Sixes over the preceding hour or so. The band clearly have something to offer, though the ability to self edit may not be one of their premier talents; There’s simply too much going on here – and too much material, period – for Know God, No Peace to be a truly rewarding listening experience. Should they choose to come back leaner, more focussed and concentrating on the sort of music featured in the tracks I’ve picked out for praise here then I’ll be happy to listen to their next effort, but that may be too much of an ask for a band that clearly has a lot – no, make that A LOT – to say on the way of the world in 2014…