Friday, 01/25/2013:
Welcome to the new THREESIXES.COM. Coinciding with the NAMM Convention going on now in Southern California, and today’s new website launch, is the debut of the first video from the upcoming, full length, Three Sixes CD, “Know God, No Peace…” titled “Lead Winged Angel” as detailed immediately below in the 12/06/2012 update. Feel free to take a tour of the new content and “Like” Three Sixes on Facebook if you already haven’t. If you are at NAMM this weekend, look out for Damien (Vocals) and Marko (Producer), as both will be making their rounds. Feel free to share your thoughts of the new look website, video and any extra drinks if you run into either of them. Most importantly, spread the word of the new video and website. More news is coming, so be sure to check back soon and often.

Thursday, 12/06/2012:
The live footage to the latest Three Sixes video (and first for the upcoming record) was just completed for song #2 on the new disc titled “Lead Winged Angel”. It was inspired by the movie “Monster”, based on the life story of America’s first documented female serial killer, Aileen Wuornos. Mixed with the Three Sixes attitude and viewpoint of Aileen in her defense, this song is a strong representation of what the new Three Sixes sound has evolved into, as well as where it came from. The live footage was shot at a diesel repair shop in Los Angeles, California, to give it an industrial feel and will be mixed with a story line of an actress, Cara Manuele, who emulates Aileen and her story from the viewpoint of director, Nick Griffo. The filming of the band went well and was finished in just a few hours. Cara’s scenes were shot the previous Sunday at various locations also in Los Angeles, with a target date for its completion and release geared toward early 2013.

Saturday, 12/02/2012:
The last of the bonus interview footage was just finished with artist Jack Van Gossen who airbrushed the insane poster art piece that will be added to the CD, as well as the front of the new t-shirts. Adding an additional twist to the clip was the interviewer, Andrea Vergini, an accomplished student with a degree in Christian Theology, who interviewed Jack (a devout Catholic) about the artwork for Three Sixes. The conversation was informative and detailed, with an ending that you might not expect from people of different faiths/beliefs in discussing the artwork for a band who vehemently opposes both.

Saturday, 11/10/2012:
The last of the recording was just completed today. It was a major step in making the new disc. After this long journey of personal growth, delays and problems that have faced all involved through this process, all of the recording is finished. Next, the files get cleaned. Mixing will follow soon after.

Monday, 11/05/2012:
The latest guest vocal appearance was just made by Bloody Mary Powers Agnew last Thursday, where she sang on top of the first chorus for the title track. This also turned out to be the last guest appearance that made the cut. Others include producer Marko, as well as Kill (guitar) along with Pro-fe-cia frontman Freddie Contreras and former Three Sixes four stringer, Aleister Shiva, to round out the backing vocal crew. Additional vocal contributions were further provided in the Three Sixes produced/written and created samples in “Know God, No Peace” and “Unit 731” by Kit Potampkin who also played keyboards and piano on “Saviour” and “Darkside”. Joining the others was the voice of Suzy “Q” Calkins in “Lead Winged Angel” as well as Keith Dickerhofe who provided Cello cameo appearances on “Know God, No Peace” and “Where Eternity Starts”. Last and certainly not least, was the huge contribution from Ron McGinnis who killed the dialogue for “Revelation” as detailed below.

Saturday, 09/29/2012:
One of the songs on the new record is an industrial tune called “Revelation”. Originally intended as an intro, “Revelation” was inspired by an over-the-top zealot whose sermons were found online. Permission was sought to use the sermons as the lyrics to the song, but the attempts for their use went without response.

No response, no problem. The sermons were re-written, which were similar to, but different than, the originals. An old school friend of Three Sixes, Ron McGinnis, was brought in to mimic and preach them, eventually outperforming the original freak he was brought in to duplicate. Today was a good day.

Sunday 09/16/2012:
Today, each Three Sixes band member (as well as producer Marko) had one on one interviews with The Junkman from KNAC.COM as an extra, enhanced bonus feature for the CD. The interviews were shot in the Hollywood Hills area in California at the home of David Schow. David wrote the screenplay for the epic movie “The Crow” as well as many others, while also being a Three Sixes fan. The interviews went well. Junkman was a true pro and kept a great vibe through each conversation. His contribution (as well as those from Director Nick Griffo and his crew) will be a solid addition to the final product when finished.

Sunday, 08/25/2012:
Backing vocals were tracked today. Pro-fe-cia frontman, Freddie Contreras joined in with former Three Sixes Bass player Aleister Shiva for additional vocal chaos. Both nailed everything in minimal time and sounded great.

Monday, 08/14/2012:
Johnny just finished recording his bass lines for the title song, “Know God, No Peace”. He started recording on Saturday, 08/12 and immediately tracked his lines for “Arch Enemy”, “Saint”, “Kingdom of Lies” and “Unit 731”. Five down and many to go, but he is well prepared and has kicked ass on these first few days with minimal takes.

As you read this, you might be wondering who “Johnny” is. Johnny is the newest addition to Three Sixes. His full name is John Signorelli. He cut his teeth in the Southern California Thrash band, Subversion A.D. and is the replacement for the previous bass player, Whiskey, who left Three Sixes for reasons outside of music. Whiskey left on his own terms and is good with the band…and don’t be surprised to see him at any future Three Sixes shows. That said, Three Sixes needed to move forward and did. Johnny was introduced to the band from Nick Griffo who did the “Holy Man”, “Possession”, “Salvationless” and “God Denied” (as well as the upcoming “Lead Winged Angel”) videos when he became aware of the need for a new bass player.

Why these (and lack of) updates since the last live show in 2007?

Three Sixes stopped playing live after the last show in 2007 to record a new, full length record, as more new songs were already in progress and the band wanted to grow. At this time, a choice had to be made: either rehearse the set to continue playing live, or stop the shows altogether to make a new record. Unanimously, the latter was chosen.

The thought was that the process would take about a year…maybe two at the most. Then, life happened, to everyone, at different times, in different ways and things took a lot longer than planned. While the timeline became unexpectedly exaggerated, the vision and passion for this new record was never in question.

As of this date, the drums have been recorded at Wyman Records in Burbank, California. All of the rhythm guitars and lead vocals, as well as about 95% of the programming are tracked and completed at Marko’s “Digital Voodoo Sound Design” studio in Monrovia, California, all in Pro Tools, High Definition. Additional engineering and mixing support was (and will be further) provided by Tom Biener, who previously worked with names such as Dio, Cher, Wilson Phillips and many more. Also noted with the amount of time, as well as the burning of two different computers, the recording process overall for this release has turned into an arduous one. Nothing with this album has come easily.

The audiophiles will recognize the lack of normal tracking order with the above information. With so much to do and the lack of a permanent bass player for quite some time, Three Sixes moved forward while the search for a new four stringer continued, which also took longer than expected….so long that the bass was the last to be recorded, after everything else was almost completed.

So the collective decision was to to say nothing publicly until Three Sixes were ready to surface, when a completed product was ready (or soon to be, finally) unveiled, as opposed to constantly updating any sources of information, only to be followed with a new reason as to why progress had yet to follow. If this were to happen, nobody would care anymore, be tired of excuses and ignore the band entirely when Three Sixes actually did complete what was initially set to be accomplished.

As you will soon see, the music of Three Sixes has transformed from an initial, novelty “side project” in 1999, into a focused and well produced musical assault. This evolution will be easily recognized from the new logo, in addition to this revamped website, as well as (and most importantly) the musical and lyrical content of the new material which has been spawn from the growth from each member as human beings, to what will soon be heard and seen live. Your patience through this time is humbling. Thank you for still believing. Thank you for listening. Get ready, the best has yet to come.