Johnny – Bass

Name: Johnny

Duties: Bass

Birth Date: December 23

Quote: “The truth is what you prove”

Interests: NASCAR, aviation, and offending as many people as possible.

Born and raised in West Covina, California (USA) and introduced to the violin in the 3rd grade, Johnny picked up the guitar at the age of 12 and the mandolin at 14. A classically trained musician who found no challenge in the high school realm after playing his biggest show as a violin soloist at The Anaheim Convention Center in front of 6,000+ people at the age of 10, he became one of the youngest members in the history of the UCI College Orchestra before he even had a drivers license. While classical music was his first passion, it all changed after his first Thin Lizzy show. After which, he auditioned as a bass player in a local band called “Hard Times” and got a gig under one condition- to lose the pick he played with. Since then, the metamorphosis began and continues to this day, maturing in an artistic expression of aggression as Metal became the exclusive drug of choice for the young performer. The low-slung four stringer then met and played with his next and largest, musical influence at the time in Subversion A.D., a classic, 3 piece thrash unit that would destroy venues for the next decade. In the waning days of Subversion A.D., the need to play live continued, and in  February, 2012, Johnny became the newest member of Three Sixes.