A Roadies First Adventure

Day With Damien- Day 17

“A Roadies First Adventure”
October 13, 2002

Written by: Headbang

goooood evening ladies and gentlemen my name is senor headbang.  i would like to say that its nice to be here and all that shit.  im what u would call a finder of lost and forgotten things for THREE SIXES.  if u want it found, i find it.  i also find a little time to help with a little thing or two for the show.  im the main roadie, setup and strike guy,  Damiens left hand man.

it was my fist show for THREE SIXES at hogue barmichaels for the Salvationless cd release party. we were supposed to go on at 11pm and were pushed back an hour and 15 minutes.  we finally got on at 12:15am and i was embarrassed and had pity for the other bands that night, and that was only the begining for the evenings entertainment.

while at the show we meet some interesting fans of THREE SIXES, three in particular, that were two guys and a chick.  they were more interesting than any other that night. their names were kreep, iceman, and justice.  they sold their own cds to pay for their gas and cover for the door. they made it that night from a road trip that was over 100 miles just to see THREE SIXES play.  THREE SIXES made it worth there while by putting on an unforgetable show.

when the show was over and we were packing up the gear, kreep, iceman, and justice stuck around for kicks.  we invited them to come to damiens house for the after party.  they were the first ones there.  aleister, killswitch and rozzvon showed up a couple of minutes later along with the rest of the dedicated freaks.

after THREE SIXES shit, showered and shaved, the party got rolling.  the kegarater which was pouring out steinlager was quickly abused and killed in no time.  which was speedily replaced with a fresh keg of heineken.  the drinks were flowing so was the sex talk, cheesy lines, and face slapping.  as the beer buzz starts coming over the party, damien is challenged in his office that he cannot handle justice and her dominatrix ways.  damien said that she was all talk and would chew her up and spit here out.  justice would not back down and asked damien to prove her wrong.  that is when damien  told justice to follow him into the bedroom and also invitied me and a select few to view the goings on.  that is when damien dug in his closet for a few minutes and came out with the box of toys and threw it on the bed.   the box contained chains, rope, a whip, nipple clamps, and serveral other items.  after the box was thrown on the bed damien was waiting for justice to back down.  damien looked her right in the eyes and said “there u go, put up or shut up”, expecting her to leave with kreep and iceman.

the look on justices face was one of surprise and playfullness, with a nice moment of speachlessness. thats when damien asks justice if she was chicken and starts making fun of her.  then damien says she is full of shit just like all the others who talk the talk. finally after justice is silent through all this she replys with  “i would but im with kreep.” who was her boyfriend and was standing right next to her.

by this time its already 3 in the morning and this is when the bizzare really got bizzare.  kreep then said “i dont care if u fuck DAMIEN its up to u, all u have to do is find a ride home cuz i have to leave with iceman right now”. a look of surprise came over both damien and justice.  justice looks to damien and asks for a ride home, daring HIM to put up or shut up.  damien sarcastically says that justice can have a ride home the next day as the final test.  damien thinks that there is no way that justice would stay.   then to damiens surprise justice agrees to the deal.  a few minuntes later justice is saying her goodbyes to kreep and iceman for their long ride home.   next thing u know shes in the house all over damien with a look of glee.  they have a few more beers and its off to the damiens room for fun and games.

around 5am im up with the kegarater and keeping the tv company with passed out drunken bodies strewn all over the house.  damien and justice come out for a smoke and a beer on the patio.  all justice is wearing is damiens sweat soaked jersey from the show, and nothing else but a smile.  so i take my beer outside to shoot the shit with them.  at this time damien shows off the scratches he aquired from her during their bedroom debautchery. i made the comment that i also enjoy pain and thats when justice said pull up your shirt and ill scratch u if u want.  i pulled up my shirt and justice rakes her claws threw my skin, instantly drawing blood from shoulders to waist with both hands.  it hurt like hell but i loved ever second of it.  justice thought that i would not like it and i told her to do it again, then she went from rib to rib just as deep as the first time.  at that point i said i was good.  thats when it started to heat up between damien and justice on the picnic table.

damien started to talk about justices pussy and how nice it was.  that guy loves shaved pussy and hers was shaved really good.  damien could not stop talking about her pussy and wanted her to show it off to me.  justice would not do it at first, but in the end she let damien pull up the jersey.  i can say honestly that it was indeed a very nice pussy.  kudos for justice and her good hygiene.  thats when the conversation turned to boobs.  damien said that justice had a good looking set of boobs and asked if she would show them off to me.  again reluctant to do so was persuaded by damien to open the jersey, which she did by herself.  with peirced nipples and a small but nice cup size i gave my approval of the boobs.  at this time with the pussy still showing i noticed damien started to play with it as i was staring sat her tits.   now she did not care anymore and she told damien that she wanted to be fucked by him while listening to i.f.t.d..  she was hot and ready to go. they went back to the bedroom and i went back to the more important kegarater and tv.

at about 7am the stereo and noise stopped in damiens love dungeon. he came out of his chamber of lust and told me to wake him up at 10am.  he asked if i could stay the day with justice after he woke up and left so i could take care of her in case she needed anything.  at 10 am i came in a rapping at his chamber door to wake him up.  it took a couple of minutes of pounding to wake his ass up, which i continued until i knew he was awake and yelling at me to go away.  i then went back to the kegarater and tv who were anxious for my return.  about 45 minutes of strange noises followed and then the shower started in his room.

15 minutes later mr. lavey is running out the door on his way to what would be the alcs clinching game for the anaheim angels on their way to the world series.  damien told me to make sure that she was comfortable while he was at the game, and would take her home when the game was over.  i checked on justice a few times to make sure that she was not dead.  she looked rather peaceful in damiens bed which she slept in until 6pm.  me the kegarater and the tv spent the day watching football.

damien arrived home at about 7pm to me, justice, the kegarater and the tv having fun with dr. dolittle.  after all this damien still had to take justice home cuz he keeps all his promises, like it or not.  i hope that the kegarater and the tv aren’t pissed at me for leaving them,  but i will return for another round of beer, porn, football, heavy metal, and talk to each other about all the chicks damien has brought to the dungeon. this roadie cant wait for the next adventure of THREE SIXES.

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