Day With Damien- Day 03

January 3, 2000

Written by: Mike

The date is Tuesday, December 14, 1999. It’s about 4 P.M. and I am kicking back with my roommate, Damien. We just bought a keg dispenser, complete with CO2, and are enjoying some fresh draft beer. Somebody knocks at the door. I get up to answer it.. It’s Damien’s friend, Amy. Amy is a stripper who does bachelor parties, etc. She’s pretty fine. Imagine this: About 5 foot 2, 110 pounds. I would guess her measurements at 36D-24-34. It’s obvious she’s had a tit job. It’s also obvious that she paid alot of money for it.

She tells us that she wants to party, rent some movies, and get drunk. I thought, what the hell. So they leave, go get some vodka, (cause she doesn’t drink beer) and rent Payback with Mel Gibson. They come back and I notice that Damien has his hands all over her. She’s loving it. I had a couple drinks with her while Damien shoots multiple Jagermeister shots. He chases it with more tap beer. We put the movie in. While it’s playing, I notice that they are both starting to play grab-ass more and more with each other. I am used to seeing this, but not with her. I know he hasn’t done her yet, even though he’s known her for about 6 months.

About halfway through the movie, we get up and renew our buzz. Amy makes some phone calls. As she talks on the phone, Damien is very aware of what will be happening soon. He tells me his plans. Before we restart the movie, she notices that we have True Romance with Christian Slater and Christopher Walken, etc. She says that when we get done watching Payback, she wants to see it next. We restart Payback. We watch the rest of the movie. The real entertainment is about to begin.

During the intermission, they both go into Damien’s room. Amy tells him that her tits are sore and she wants a massage. Damien agreed. She then says she wants Damien to massage her while we watch True Romance. He told her that it would have to be one or the other. Because I was out in the living room with the movie. She then asks if I would be offended if Damien massaged her right in front of me during the movie. No problem, I said. Like I would be offended by a topless stripper in front of me. She immediately took off her shirt. She laid on her back right in front of the TV. She then told me to move to the other end of the couch so I could see her better. Damien whipped out some hand lotion and went to work. In about 5 minutes, he’s massaging her, sucking on her tits, and dry-humping her right in front of me. Not bad for a Tuesday night!

Damien gets pretty horny, and pulls her pants off. No panties. She says that it was his turn next. He turns to me and asks if I mind. Go for it. So she takes off his shirt and he pulls off his pants. He pulls out a condom from the pocket of his pants. He throws it on and starts fuckin’! This just gets better and better! He’s pounding her, having a conversation with both of us, and watching the movie at the same time! Don’t know how he could do that, I can’t. She starts to moan and finally screams. He just got her off in front of me! He flips her over. Now he’s fucking her doggy-style. This is cool. Real cool.

He raises his glass. I raise mine up to cheers! him. He says, “No, I need a refill!” Oh, that’s cool.. I got up, walked around them. He’s still fucking her. They are both watching the movie. She’s moaning. I refill his glass at the tap and hand him his beer. He starts to drink it while he’s still fucking her. She says, “Are you drinking beer?” “Totally!”, he laughed and slapped her on the ass. “Oh, okay!” she responded and buried her face back into the carpet.

About a half hour later they finish. She goes into the back yard to smoke a cigarette. He joins her with a cigar. Damien says how it was fun, since he hasn’t fucked in front of anyone in a while. She agreed and asked how long it had been. Damien said that it had been about a year, actually fucking. (Blowjobs don’t count!) She said it had been a while for her too. October 15th to be exact. Damien starts to bust up. She spent the night and took off the next morning.

Amy is a cool chick. Some girls think that this kind of behavior makes them a slut. No way. If there were more women like her around, there would be less blueballs. Less date rape too! She is totally comfortable with her sexuality, and that is not all that common in women these days. Later. Mike.

Message from Damien: Any of you bitches reading this who like to point fingers at other women for being ‘slutty’, take your best friend’s husbands cock-suckin’ ass back to Calvary Chapel or whatever Christian church you came from. Because chances are really good that you’re a bigger fucking ho than anyone you’ll ever point a finger at. You fucking CUNTS. Fuck you!