Ice Cubes

Day With Damien- Day 02

“Ice Cubes”
November 26, 1999

Written by: Stoovie
Hey, everybody. My name is Stoovie. I am a good friend of Damien’s; we’ve been friends for 8-10 years. I saw the original ‘Day With Damien’ story and was not surprised by Damien’s drunken escapades. And it seems that now this guy Xerxes wants me to share one of my Damien Stories with you. No problem, I’ll just tell you what happened to us last weekend. Damien is one sick puppy.. and I love hangin’ with the freak.

So we are going to see his buddy Dan Wrathchild’s band play in good ole San Bernardino, CA, which could possibly be the ‘meth’ capitol of the world. Dan, who is also Damien’s road crew manager of former bands, plays bass for a band called ‘Sinistral’. As usual I drove, because that bastard is normally so damn wasted by the time the band is finished that if he drives, I have to drive his drunk ass everywhere in his own car anyway.

So we get to the dive, order some quality alcoholic beverages, and wait around for some crappy shit-hole band to finish their onstage musical disability. The worst ever. Just horrible. This crap-heap was the last band before ‘Sinistral’, and lucky for us we missed the majority of their rank-ass set. By the time ‘Sinistral’ came on, Damien’s got at least 4 ‘Morgan’s and Coke’ in him, and his hands all over some skank he just met.

So ‘Sinistral’ starts their set, ripping it up as usual, but I can’t seem to take my eyes off of Damien and his antics. First off, the club is cold as hell. It’s a cold fall night and the heater in this place obviously wasn’t working. And since so many people were (illegally, yeah right!) smoking inside the bar, they left all the doors open. Everyone was dressed warmly, except (of course) the skank that’s all over Damien. She was wearing just a sundress and Doc Martins. No bra, and later found out, no panties either. So I move over to them, giving Damien another Morgan’s, and overhear him commenting on how he couldn’t believe that she wasn’t freezing. She slurred something about living in Washington state, near the Canadian border with snow and a lot of really cold weather. Then she said it. The unintentional dare to Damien. She said, “nothing makes me cold…” I could see Damien’s demeanor lighten as though some rude thought had just come to mind. And rude it was.

Damien started by asking her to show him her tits. He was polite and laughing. She didn’t hesitate to pull her top down right in front of everyone for a few seconds. Her big-ass tits came spilling out of the dress and onto Damien’s chest. She quickly pulled the dress back up. Disappointed, Damien asked her again in the same tone to pull her dress down again so he could feel them. She hesitated, but something in Damien’s eye seduced her. Down the dress came again, and Damien’s hands grabbed way more than a handful. He took his time, complimenting her tits, with about 20 or so people watching from behind him. Damien thanked her, obviously up to something, and she pulled her dress back up.

She again mentioned how she was never cold. Damien then reached into his drink and pulled out an ice cube. And while she starred, Damien slid his hand right down her top and rubbed the ice cube all over her left nipple. Her nipple never got hard. So he did it some more.. he even blew on it, waiting for something to happen. It never got hard. Damien seemed to be amazed, so he had to give her another test. He grabbed a second cube from his drink and slipped his hand up her dress. He told me later that night that he whispered in her ear to relax. I guess she did. Because Damien took that ice cube and circled her asshole a few times and then gently pushed it right up inside her. He then forced his finger as deep as he could up her ass, pulled it out, and stuck it directly into her mouth. She sucked his finger for about five seconds, as if it were his dick. That’s when she said that she had to go talk to a friend, and that she would be right back. Everyone around us was cracking up. Except Damien. He didn’t care; he just stood there and watched ‘Sinistral’ play.

There were four cops harassing some underage punks for drinking and smoking pot in the lot. I thought that they probably could see him getting blown. So I went over there, (seeing Damien get blown is nothing new to me.. ) and told him about the fuzz. We had a full-on conversation while the bitch sucked him like a Christmas candy cane! He didn’t care, she had her mouth full, (and what was she going to say!?). So I didn’t care either. He told me that he didn’t care if the cops saw, they’d just have to wait their turn. I told him that I wanted to go, real soon. ‘Sinistral’ was done, I was really tired and I had to be at work early the next morning.

So I gave him 5 minutes, started up the heater in my truck, cranked up some ‘Possession’ and waited. Sure enough, 5 minutes later, Damien pulled his cock out of her mouth and headed toward the truck. I laughed as the chick kept trying to give him a piece of paper apparently with her phone number on it, and he kept throwing it on the ground. “You can’t even get me off”, he laughed as he stumbled into the passenger seat. ‘Let’s bail, dude”, he said to me as I swerved to miss the disturbed female. I stopped at the driveway to the place and told Damien to get rid of his drink. “Oh yeah, sorry, man.” He tossed the glass out of the window, shattering it on the broken concrete below. I took off quickly, not knowing whether or not the cops heard the breaking glass. We laughed and headed home