Lesbians and Stray Vibrators

Day With Damien- Day 12

“Lesbians and Stray Vibrators”
February 4. 2001

Written by: Rocketman
Well it started out an interesting night with a couple of lesbians, a couple of friends, a woman with big tits and pierced nipples, and of course…Damien. I’m still a little fuzzy about it because i started out hung over from the previous night. I guess i just needed to let it out beforehand, so i did by barfing Damiens bushes first…..that’s how it all began!

I was just in the area, I had a couple of sexy women with me…one of them was my lesbian (next door) neighbor, and her sexy girlfriend. I had spoken with Damien earlier and he mentioned to me that he had a beer mug with my name on it waiting for me at his house whenever I wanted to use it.. and a fresh keg to boot.. He told me to stop by anytime and fill it up so i decided to take him up on that offer. I dropped by Damiens place, knowing that he would appreciate the tasty morsels that I had with me…knocked on the front door and there she was…the woman with big tits and pierced nipples. She was all over Damien…..licking his ear….grabbing his dick….kissing his ass basically! I knew it was on from there…..

Damien and I decided that we were gonna let these girls have a dose of some of our version of FUN!! Whether or not they knew it…and they knew it!!! It was inevetable…..once Damien and I knew what we wanted……

Brandi was her name…she’s the girl with the big tits and pierced nipples..we knew that she was hot for some serious bump and grind with one of my lesbian friends or hell….even both of them! They started pounding some screwdrivers and Damien and I stuck with beer, jack, and jagermeister…after we threw a few back Damien and I decided that we had waited too long for these women to hook it up on their own so we decided to enduce labor. At this point we just asked them if they were interested in each other and we got some unusual responses. I still don’t know what to make of them today, but i can tell you one thing, that was sure a night to remember….the story goes on…

Damien suggested that they may not be into it by what he could see, so we decided to go to plan B. We were off to Executive Suites in Long Beach….an all LESBIAN bar…..what a great start to plan B! We stroll up pimpin’ with the bitches…it was great, Brandi was all over Damien and checking out the other women as well. I had the lesbians with me, they were also checking out the scenery…. There were sex pots everywhere…i mean everywhere, I had never seen so many women bumping and grinding on each other in one night….there were no rules. After waiting in line for about twenty minutes, we finally got inside. At this point we were in our own little virtual heaven, Damien decided to take his seat at the bar, i decided to pick up on the only heterosexual woman in the place, and in no time at all, Damien had Brandi macking on some ho that they had just met…just for shits and giggles. It was great….my lesbian duo were off in search of fresh meat….but struck out.

I decided to go out and dance with the little woman that I had just scored. Her name was Candy. It was great, there was a cute little Lezbo dancing in between Candy and I, she was grinding on both of us. I looked over at the bar to see Damien with a school of full on bull dike lesbians…they were buying him shooters….he was into it while Brandi was still all over her new friend…who wouldn’t be coming home with us. Things were going great, but it was getting late and Damien and I knew that we had better start taking care of business.

We decided that we were ready to go back to Damiens place and and try to induce a little lesbian orgy. Within no time we ended up in Damiens bedroom.. Next thing you know..my next door neighbor decided that she was primed..she was feeling a little fuckworthy. Brandi had already planned on staying the night at Damiens house. She brought a couple of bags with her…one was full of clothes, makeup, hair dryer, etc… the other was full of Dildos, vibrators, lubes, and other fancy gadgets….

Damien asked my neighbor friend what she which CD she would like to hear….she remarked…”throw on some fuckin’ three sixes” Damien said “no…I’m saving that for later” and laughed. We ended up with some Nine Inch Nails…PRETTY HATE MACHINE. It was great…next thing we knew they were all over each other. Brandi was on Damiens bed, down on all fours, buttass naked and “the neighbor” was suckin’ Brandi dry. Next thing we knew…Brandi was being tossed like a fresh salad! Damien and I, at this point were straight-up observers. We were just enjoying the scenery when my neighbor got a hold of a gas powered vibrator and it was on! She kept her clothes on and just unzipped her pants, placed the vibrator between the fold of her crotch in a position to where she was imagining that she was a man, holding the vibrator with her left hand and started to fuck the shit out of Brandi in front of us.. She jabbed that fucker into her so hard that Brandi screamed, but asked for more. Brandi was being manhandled by my neighbor at this point. It was getting crazy…sweaty, and wet. These girls were sucking on each others breasts, giving each other some serious tongue and fucking each other dry….Damien and I were ready to join in the festivities………….

Damien started sucking on Brandi’s right breast while my neighbor was still fucking her. I was playing with her other tit and making out with her all at the same time…she was moaning and groaning. We decided to go south, my neighbor needed a refill on her beer so she left the room. Brandi look at us and asked “so are you guys gonna get naked or what?” Before she could finish her sentence, all of our clothes were off…it was our turn now. Damien jumped on top of her, fucking her hard as I was whipping my cock across her face. She was straight up on her back, grabbing my balls and loving every minute of her sexual fantasy.

At this point, I left the action for a minute and decided to go and see what Brandi had in her bag of tricks. I ended up grabbing the gas powered vibrator that my neighbor was using earlier and pull-started that fuckin thing. I was going for Brandi’s south pole…if you know what I mean….

While Damien was conducting his full upward/downward thrust..I decided to jam this fucker up her ass. Well, it was very dark and I was really drunk…. I just decided to go for it on the upward thrust…..and….well…. I mistimed and over shot that fucker and hit Damiens ass instead of hers! I MISSED! It only touched his cheek but he flew so fucking high, HE FREAKED OUT!. He didn’t know if he was scared, pissed, or ready to laugh his ass off. His hair looked like pure static electricity! Sort of like Buckwheat or Don King. He was shocked….this was the last thing either of us expected! The look on Damien was classic to say the least. Damien finally landed and could no longer perform. I was standing there, buttass naked, thinking that he’s going to kick the shit out of me, with this jackhammer going off in my hand and I didn’t know what to say other than “It was an accident, I mis-aimed! Sorry man!” He was trippin! I couldn’t blame him…i probably would too, actually, I know I would…. but it was time for a refill, on our beers that is.

Next thing you know, we put our clothes back on and both headed out to Damiens living room to the kegerator to refill our beers. Damien was laughing and pissed off at the same time asking me over and over “what the fuck were you doing?” I explained a couple of times to him that it was an accident, and finally convinced him of it….it really was, trust me, I’m no butt pirate and Damien knows it. Brandi was still in Damiens bedroom waiting for us. He told me to get back in there and finish fuckin her since there was no way he was going to be able to get it back up again. I was the same way… there is no fuckin way I could get a hard on after a disaster like that! So we left her alone in there and we continued our drinking escapade in the other room.

About a 15 minutes later…still naked…she came out to the living room to see why she wasn’t getting any more fat cock. We told her that “party time was over bitch and neither of us are going to be able to get it back up again, so fuckin chill out and have another cold one yourself, or go the fuck back to bed and go to sleep or go home.”

Brandi got pissed off at us…..decided not to join us and went back into Damiens bedroom and went to sleep. We stayed up for about another hour or two drinking and laughing about the whole thing. As wasted as I was, I tried to drive home…..and wound up in jail on a DUI. That sucked pretty hard, but that’s another story….Damien had already passed out on the couch by the time I decided to leave, refusing to “sleep with that bitch”. I’m sure he slept better than I did though… That memory will live on forever.