Day With Damien- Day 06

April 14, 2000

Written by: Steve
Every year, the first weekend in February, me and my longtime friend Todd, celebrate our birthdays together. This year was soooooo special. I proclaim ‘shenanigans’…….

By the time I got to the party, it was already happening. Damien and I were already two sheets to the wind. When my stripper showed up, a talented little pussy-shooter, hot, blonde and leggy, I was ready to be entertained. She looked like Patricia Arquette with straight teeth, but I wouldn’t mind knockin’ ’em crooked. A little crooked bitch, with her little crooked teeth…. How sweet.

She played the standard wicked little cunt-bitch party games, and we all clapped in the proper places. She stuck strawberries in her snatch and whipped creme on her nipples… licorice in her labia and poured beer off her butt. George Washington had never eaten so much pussy in his life. This saucy little whore was down with everything. Then she whipped out her speciality.

If you’ve never had Corona shot out of a pussy onto your face, you have to try it. Cause this bitch did it… And she did it for a while. Every man in the room had a Corona shower that night. She laid back, popped the top, poured, and shot it back at ya.. It is the best thing you’ve ever seen in your life. I’ve got pictures. By the end of the night, she was missionary on the pool table, bathing the dog, the same dog that likes peanut buttered coated cocks that that guy Mike owns. And that only cost us 100 US dollars, and the dog now has two experiences to look back on. What a whore. Slut.

Shenanigan’s has now been declared. Todd’s strippers ETA is 15 minutes. We actually convince Todd that his stripper was going to be ‘funner’ than mine. So we tied him up. We’ll let you in on the gig… Todd’s stripper was a MAN, BABY! Now we had been assured that it was a feminine looking guy, but upon inspection, he looked like Maurice Gibb with tits, and an ugly Maurice Gibb at that! And I can guarantee the only stink on his hangy-down was doody!

We all tittered like a bunch of nervous little girls as she-male took center stage. Todd wasn’t sure what was going on but I think he sensed SHENANIGANS… and mind you, shenanigans had been declared. While the 40-ish looking Maurice fondled his hormone induced A-cups, we almost gave it away. The jig was up when Maurice bent over in front of Todd and his nuts fell out of his naugahide mini-skirt. And let me tell you, those were some very unhappy naugas…

Have you ever seen the vein that pops out of the forehead of a very pissed off person? Damien was the first one to see it as Todd cast his steely, pissed-off glare in his direction. Todd actually had the balls to say, “You’re going to pay for this, motherfucker!” Damien laughed at Todd and tried to assure him that it wasn’t ALL his planning. After all was said and done, Maurice tried to pimp himself off to some of the other guys at the party, and we ‘kindly’ asked him to leave.

Todd is now married with children. Myself, I am looking forward to the next time that a hot stripper shoots beer all over my face from her pussy.- Steve -OUT.