Super Bowl Sunday

Day With Damien- Day 04

“Super Bowl Sunday”
January 31, 2000

Written by: Tom Stud
1:30 p.m. I roll up to Damien’s house equipped with my signature potato salad, Dr. Pepper, my smokes, and mine and Damien’s favorite party favor, ‘It’s all about the Backwoods’ (those are cigars for you dumb-asses). As I stroll into Damien’s house, I notice that there are alot of people sitting around, waiting for the game to start, and chatting it up. At first I don’t spot Damien anywhere in the living room, and after a few greetings and salutations, I go to the backyard and find Damien and some of my other close friends enjoying some frosty beverages and burnin’ some ‘hippy hay’. I walk right up to Damien and give him a courtesy reach-around, (cause we’re GOOD LIKE THAT!). He was conversing with some of our friends and two lovely ladies that I had never seen before… but wanted to know.

As the party progressed, more and more people were making their appearance on what is the greatest day in sports, ‘SuperBowl Sunday’. Once I had settled in to the mood of the day, I started off with a Jack and Dr. Pepper, and started to work the room.

3:05 p.m. Everyone was taking their seats for a good vantage point from one of the many monitors that Mr. LaVey had around his chateau. As we sat through all the pre-game bullshit, Damien was frantically running around the house trying to get a last-minute football pool together, cause we love to gamble! I, myself, bought ten squares. I never win this shit, but it’s all about gamblin’.

3:18 p.m. Kickoff. By now, the house is full of half-drunk freaks. The house was evenly divided for the two teams for this game. So you can imagine, alot of smack-talkin’ was floatin’ in the air. One of my favorite models from the Three Sixes photo shoot, Kai Lee and myself were enjoying some food and Jagermeister shots when she flashed me her tits. So I told her that if she was going to continue showing her tits, she might as well take off the whole jacket, so she did. She had nothing on under her jacket (which is nothing new if you know her) except a pair of combat boots. There is nothing like the site of a naked woman in combat boots walking around during a football game. You won’t see this kind of shit on that PUSSY ‘MAN Show’! Those guys wish they were us!

Halftime. As we all know, the low point of any SuperBowl is the stupid-ass, over-produced, and over-the-top halftime fiasco. Not here!!! My good buddy, StoNeY STonEd, (this is no typo, this is how he writes his name), brought over for our halftime enjoyment, a nice little ditty of his 17 year old ex-girlfriend doing herself with a Corona bottle and playing with her enormous double-D, 17 year old titties. This made a few of our friends VERY happy. Mr. LaVey gave his 6 thumbs up to StoNeY’s work of art.

End of 3rd Quarter. I’ve got a good buzz going and I intend to keep it going. I just found out that I had won the third quarter on the football pool. (worth 25 bones!) I finally fucking won something!!! I am out of smokes, so I go to my truck for a fresh pack, when I notice a little pick-up truck with one of those bubbled camper shells doing a slight rocking motion. So I grab my pack, light a smoke, and being the curious pervert I am, I go to investigate. When I look into the camper shell, I notice my friend Stacey and some guy who I saw slurping off the Kegerator earlier, totally buck naked, bumping uglies. So what do I do….. I watch! You would think that I would be used to this type of activity knowing Damien for as long as I have. These things are always happening when I am around Damien, even if he’s not directly involved, he seems to bring out this type of behavior in everyone around him.

7 p.m. Stacey and the scumbag that she was fucking come into the house and try to mingle with the rest of us, as if nothing happened. I, on the other hand, know exactly what happened. As Stacey heads to the bathroom to put herself back together, I notice the scumbag pour himself another frosty one and follow her. And as I said earlier, being the pervert that I am and love, I grab Damien and as we head for the bathroom, following the action, I fill him in on what I had witnessed earlier outside in the pickup truck. We were standing outside the bathroom door, hoping to hear some skin slappin’. But what we did hear was way better.

All I remember was hearing Stacey say repeatedly “Leave me alone, I have to pee.” The scumbag, who we later identified as Craig, was heard begging for Stacey to pee on his face. Next thing we heard was Craig saying, “Yeah, that’s it..” So what do think us two perverts did next? Let’s just say that the dumb-fucks forgot to lock the door…. laying on the tile in all his glory with Stacey squatting above his face, we saw Craig trying to catch every bit of her ‘Golden Shower’. Me and Damien laughed so hard that WE almost pissed all over Craig ourselves! Stacey, needless to say, ran out of the bathroom, horrified, trying to pull up her panties while running into a room full of drunk football fans (guys and girls). Craig just laid there with a smile on his face… reeking of piss. He was on bathroom duty. So for the rest of the evening, everyone was joking and laughing about the little post-game show that me and Damien witnessed. And for some strange reason, Stacey has not returned any of my phone calls. (oh well..)

11:15 p.m. As I lay in bed after jerking off, ( I just can’t get that 17 year old out of my head), I couldn’t help but laugh and think to myself how much I love SuperBowl Sunday……. at Damien’s. –Tom Stud