Day With Damien- Day 09

August 28, 2000

Written by: Russell Johnson
“People are always asking me how Damien met Taylor, our finest Three Sixes Bloody Goddess. This is the account of Damien’s initial meeting of her and what became of the incident. It is told by Russell Johnson, Ambassador To All That Is Holy And Good, who is also a close friend of Damien’s. Damien, having told the story so many times before, didn’t feel like telling it AGAIN. So, he turned to Mr. Johnson, who will speak for Damien on this subject, basing the following on what he has heard Damien repeat over and over. So here it is, –Damien Meets Taylor, spoken through Russell Johnson as Damien LaVey. Enjoy. You Sick Fucks.” – LX

I brought her to me. This fine proud bitch came to me with just the tiniest fucking effort. My little school girl. My fine fucking virginal Taylor. I was back at work. Unions fucking rule! She was shopping on her waste of time fucking school girl budget. She needed more. She needed me. A trick my dark master taught me. Suggestion. I can’t take full credit for it’s much more than a goddamn parlor trick. It takes concentration, but with a little help, it was easy.

My bitches have to meet three criteria: Nice tits, fine ass, and lips made for sucking cock. I felt her coming and pulled her in my direction. It’s funny ‘cause she didn’t even know what the fuck she was doing, standing before me. I told her where she could find her pasta, though she hadn’t even asked, and like most bitches now, she just stood there, staring. It gave me the opportunity to reach into her purse and grab her keys, which were just visible in that bag of cluttered shit. As she went about her shopping, I decided to take a break. My managers don’t really question my work ethic anymore. Fucking blessed Union!

It was easy for me to find her car. Just like it was bringing her to me. I just have to do the actual dirty work myself, and in this case, it wasn’t that bad. Very fucking simple. Open the door, chuck the fucking keys inside, lock her up and boom, instant problem. I stood in the shadows until she came out, laughing to myself at how easy this was and anticipating the fuck of a lifetime. I crept up behind her and offered my assistance. Producing a coat hanger, I appeared to labor with the door for a bit, then using my will, pop, problem solved. I’m a fucking hero!

She asked me how she could repay me, of course. I told her to pick me up at 6 and she could have me for dinner. She laughed. This was really easy.

When we got back to her place, we were all over each other. I was right, great tits, a bit chunky, but a really nice ass, and boy could she suck my cock. I got ready to plant the demon seed, she stopped me. This I couldn’t fucking believe. She told me she was a virgin, and after I’d told her all of the things that had happened to me recently, she intended to stay that way for awhile. Instantly I heard a low laughter. The laughter of a man. My man. “Fuck you”, I thought. Without missing a beat, his voice said, “Anytime fucko, anytime.” I cringed. I thought about raping this bitch to hell and back for denying me. I pinned her down to the bed and ripped off her panties, forcing her legs apart. She didn’t scream, but she pushed. Hard. I flew off of her like I didn’t weigh a fucking thing. That wasn’t all her doing, and I realized that as the laughter got louder. I said, “Well, if you’re not gonna fuck me, you’re gonna suck this cock until it explodes!” She did as she was told.

To this day she remains a virgin. She loves me. I mean she really fuckin loves me. I get pussy from lots of other bitches and she fucking hates them. She says one day she’ll give it up for me. I know she will because it’s part of the plan. You see, I forgot the fucking plan that moment when I tried to just take her. I’ll get everything I want eventually. She’s a jealous bitch, but she sucks my dick whenever I say. And soon — that pussy’s mine.