The Boss Club

Day With Damien- Day 20

“The Boss Club”
December 10, 2003

Written by: Brian Honda

I had a few extra bucks and wanted to go get some hookers, but I didn’t want to go alone, so I figured the person who’d know where to go would be Damien. When I want to have a good time, I know who to call, and that would be him. So I cruised over to his pad and hit the kegarator. Damien (D for short) knew where to buy some lovin because we weren’t about to waste any good drinking time talking to any skanks who weren’t going to put out and wewanted to fuck.

Since I was willing to pay, D mentioned a place in The City of Industry called “The Boss Club” off of Valley and Hacienda, off the 60 fwy, in the Yoshinoya center. By the time we got there, we kind of lost our buzz a little bit, and we needed more sauce. We found the place and then drove around looking for a liquor store.

When we finally found a liquor store after driving around for 10 minutes, we walked in and saw a ‘Count Basie’ look alike behind the counter. Damien and I decided on a 12 pack of Heineken and a pint of Jack Daniels. It seemed like a regular purchase for a regular night until we asked for a pack of condoms and the ‘Count Basie’ clone gave us a funny look. I explained to him that there would be girls by the end of the night. Damien re-assured Count Basie that there were no fudge packers present. He rang us up and were on our way to The Boss Club.

We pulled up into the parking lot across the street from The Boss Club. I took the keys out and stuck them in my pocket while D and I pounded a few more brews and downed a couple shots of Jack. We were about to go into The Boss Club until we saw the cop car park directly in front of the door. We slammed a couple more trying to kill some more time but the cop car never left. We said fuck it and lets just go in anyways.

While walking towards The Boss Club, we tried taking a back way into the club threw an alley. Next thing you know a Camaro pulled up along side of us with 2 scantily dressed cunty whores from another ‘Gentlemans’ club. This being my first night out with Damien, I saw him spring into action. He approached the passenger side window and laid the smooth smackdown on them, and working them well. I noticed that these bitches had plenty of booze in there car and D was doing his devilish best to get us free booze and free booty. Damien worked them for a couple of minutes but we realized that they were just cheap whores from another club trying to get our business. Damien worked his magic and got us a couple swigs of their E&J. Once D realized that we were not going to score, it was time to go for the sure thing. He turned his back on the bitches as they were trying to talk to him and he walked away. Once I realized why he did this I agreed with him and followed.

By now, we’re packing a nice buzz. All of the alcohol we slammed across the street as well as the refresher we got from the Camaro skanks left us feeling pretty good. The big friggin sumo wrestler bouncer guy at the door took my 20 bucks to let me and Damien inside.

When we walked in the door, the first thing I noticed was a lot of nicely dressed bitches. About a dozen, give or take a few. It almost looked like an all you can eat buffet line underneath the heat lamps like at a vegas hotel. The girls were all sitting with their legs crossed just waiting for D and I to spread them open. At first we just sat there and get the vibe of the place before we pulled our peckers out our pants and watched as some of the other ‘gentlemen’ went about their business with the ‘ladies”.

It was weird. The girls sat on an L shaped couch about 15 feet away from the closest of the horny fucks like us who were viewing them from our tables. Security made it more than clear that NO MAN was to talk directly to the women. A ‘host’ would be attending to us soon to see what we would need. After scoping the place for a few minutes, Damien found the girl he wanted. She was a tall, skinny white girl with medium sized tits and a great ass. She had long black hair and brown eyes. Too bad for him though, as by the time our hostess showed up, that white trash bitch was off to to entertain another hard up dickhead. D then changed his mind immediately to a BEAUTIFUL black woman dressed in white lingerie. She was fuckin hot! Damien walked towards the front of the club, where his girl actually pulled out a timecard and punched in. The charge was $26 dollars for 15 minutes. After that, they headed back into a room where I would be soon.

A few minutes after Damien went into the dark labyrinth, I finally pulled my balls out of my ass and picked a dark haired hispanic girl with a J-Lo booty, because it’s all about the booty. She wasn’t much of a looker, but that ass was all that I needed.

When I walked into the room with my girl, it was really dark. And to my surprise, it was one big, single room for everyone. It was like walking down the center aisle of a 747 with first class booth type seats that fit 2 on both sides. All of them were that cheap ass black vinyl crap and all of them faced the same direction, with an exit towards the front that led back into the main room where the ladies were waiting. I struggled to see where I was going, but my ho led me to the very 2 front left seats, passing D on the way and throwing him a 3-pack box of condoms. I know he always carries some with him anyways, but I gave him a few more, just to make sure. It looked like he was having fun.

When we sat down, the J-Lo look alike asked me what I wanted and I told her that I just wanted to fuck. I told her all I had was 100 bucks, and I could tell that she was hard up for cash, supporting her 3 illegitimate kids before the age of 21. So she accepted. She instantly whipped out my cock and threw a jimmy hat on me and then straddled me and rode me like a bucking bronco. Yeeehaw! After about 10 minutes, she asked me if I was about to cum and to my surprise, I wasn’t. I think hanging out with Damien brought out my ability to go the distance. So I finally blew my load after 45 minutes and I think she was relieved. What a performance!

So after I was done with my business, I took the jimmy off and threw it in the corner of the room. I zipped up my pants, and made my way back into the main room to wait for Damien, fully expecting to see him waiting for me. As I made my way out, to my surprise D was STILL in the dark labyrinth, but now he was with 2 different girls, and the black one was gone. One of them was the tall white trash bitch that he wanted earlier.

Then, almost like a scene from a movie, I walked by when the song that was playing just ended. As it did I heard the tall white trash bitch say to Damien and his ho “what are you two doing?” in a sarcastic tone. Damien then pushed away his skank (who at the time was giving him a hand job because fucking him for almost an hour wasn’t working) leaned back in his chair completely exposing his rock hard shaft covered in white Trojan latex with a hooker hand stroking it at almost 100 mph and responded by saying: “We’re just hanging out man, you want to join in or what?” Me and the tall white trash bitch almost fell over from laughing so hard at his answer. I watched her join in as Damien slipped her a 20 spot and I went back to the main room.

At first I’m thinking , he’ll just be a couple of more minutes….but after another 30 minutes, I was quite perturbed. This wasn’t funny anymore. 15 more minutes later, he walked out with a semi-smile across his face. His 2 girls punched their timecards out, I flipped his large bill and even tipped his 2 whores…that broke bastard never has any money. I was beat, I’d lost most of my buzz and was ready to get out of there. I told Damien to tell me his 2 whore story on the way home and he did.

You see, the black girl took him into the labyrinth and asked him what he wanted and she said that while she didn’t sell sex-only lap dances- that she knew girls that did and would point them out to him until he found one that he wanted. So they walked back out into the main room while I was still inside the labyrinth and D chose a new girl. That’s when they both walked back into the labyrinth and took care of business. After it was all said and done, Damien walked out with a SEMI-smile, not a complete one. That was because even though he had fun, the ho he picked out, and even the second one included couldn’t get him off!! Quoting the man: “Yeah they were hot, but they bored the fuck out of me”. D then showed me the actual phone number of the (not the white trash girl, but the other one) main ho who worked him for more than an hour and said she would come to his house and show him “What she could really do” when she wasn’t “on the clock”.

Damien was telling me all of this on the freeway as we were going back home. When he was finished, he showed me the phone number and threw it out the window, showing how unimpressed he was with his “lady” for the evening.

Sucks to be him…at least I busted a nut!!!

After that, I’ve gone by there a few times without Damien. It has been closed ever since. I’d heard that it had been raided and that’s too bad. I loved that place and would have been a regular. But even though it’s closed, the legend of The Boss Club will live forever!