Copyright THREE SIXES, 1999

Ripping flesh from screaming heads
I lust to see the agony of death inside my hands
dark Satanic slaughter
soaks the blood in which I bathe
disemboweled corpses rot
as I slash and mutilate
the lost and unprotected souls
denied by god that I have slain
empowered by my master
the dark reigning lord of flames
punisher of the damned
from crusted blood my skin is stained
I’m hells homicidal re-creation
of eternal torments violent fuckin’ pain

Screams are ignored as the fresh blood flows
I murder and dismember
without emotion or remorse
with rancid rotting carnage
decomposing at my feet
the circle of life and death and misery
for me is now complete
bleed for me

slaughtering and murdering mankind
a raging storm of violence
ripping through all I despise
destroyer of the masses
an exploding bomb of hate
unleashed upon humanity
living to decapitate
and rape the dying souls
of the slain that I have claimed
I’m the butchered massacre
of dreaded deadly fate
I am the persecutor
that Hells fury can’t ignore
a disciple of the damned
and master of sadistic, agonizing torture

Built from hate to mutilate
I slash and watch you bleed
I’ll slowly cut and rip you up
and smile as you scream
I’ll spill your blood
the crimson flood
of hate will set me free
as I take your life
I can’t deny
I want to see you bleed


Inflicting torture
to the brink of your demise
I’ll smash your bloody face bare-fisted
while you fuckin’ die
livid, hell-born anger
infects my soul that’s drenched with hate
useless human life, I sacrifice
as my empty conscience vomits rage

(Vocals: Sgt. Cuervo)
Born to decimate
annihilating all mankind
mutilating corpses
from the lives that I’ve denied
convulsive fatal seizures
bleed the ecstasy I crave
brutally slain, in pieces lay
my victims, face down in shallow graves