CopyrightTHREE SIXES, 1999

Unknowingly damned from the day of his birth
struck down for no apparent reason by the one that he worked
for years, so hard to worship and so hard to please
his attempts at penance proven by the blood on his knees
time slowly passes as the pain lingers on
denied of acceptance and his innocence gone
he’s face to face with the god that he’s tried so hard to find
the meaning of his life becomes clearly defined
by the actions of the god that he’d sought for so long
reaching for acceptance, unaware of what he’s done
his god hangs his head in shame, turns around and walks away
horrified at his denial, he knows he won’t be saved
the boiling blood of hell begins to burn through his veins
so aware of his destiny he suddenly became
the holy one he worshipped he would soon defy
banished from heaven, the man that God denied

The powers of pain from his rejection from God
and the beckoning to hell become increasingly strong
he survives the devastation of his mutilated trust
and the loss of his salvation which was painfully crushed
the armor starts to crack, exposing the soul
leaving the core bleeding, ripped up and torn
injecting the infection of deception and lies
and the defection of the holy to escape their demise
the black darkened open wings of Hades awaits
fear strikes through his body as he tries to escape
the doors to the church are slammed shut in his face
Hell invades his doomed soul that has yet to be claimed
he cries alone outside the church in horrifying shame
wrapped in misery and consumed by his fate
drowning in depression, not understanding why
he will never be forgiven, the man that God denied

The man that God denied
God denied
God denied
God denied

By the hand of the damned, the new son is blessed
inverted cross as a birthmark branded on his chest
haunting visions of terror from his unwanted lord
torments his every thought while his destiny unfolds
he’s the servant to the one he’s tried so hard to defy
his battered soul spits blood and no longer denies
that his tragic future lies in the possession of the king
who rips the holes though his soul, his holy spirit lies deceased
branded by the beast the three sixes appear
overwhelmed with hopelessness his fate becomes clear
denied by everyone but Lucifer and wanted by none
his immortal transition has already begun
the powers of the church become appalled and turned away
he ends his futile fight, accepting what he’s became
the re-creation of the beast, the rage of hatred inside
the speech that satan speaks, the man that God denied


Pestilence arrives, the Antichrist is reborn
his carcass hammered to a cross as the world begins to mourn
a crown of barbed wire thorns are placed upon his head
demonic thirst for hells rebirth has finally been quenched
in agonizing pain he won’t spit in the face
of the flaming dark lord he was born to embrace
he comes to grips with reality from everything he’s learned
and lives the crucifixion he was born to serve
his fears quickly disappear, his flowing blood grows cold
his rage for the shit of mankind begins to unfold
the smooth breath of Satan starts to spread through his lungs
as he speaks with new life to The Devil in tongues
the chains of pain are broken, the beast becomes unleashed
he damns the book of God and its believers of deceit
no longer will he cry or lead a life of lies
blessed by the haunted hand of doom, the man that god denied