The universal key to life, security and happiness is through strength, truth and independence. Independence comes from within. True independence is rarely discussed by those who possess it, as there is no need, because it is a part of their everyday fabric. Additionally, the quiet have no reason to flaunt or to pretend what they hope to unsuccessfully become.

Unfortunately, the truly independent are a minority, under constant attack by even those closest to them, who make the conscious decision not to think or fend for themselves, either from a lack of proper upbringing or more commonly-sheer laziness. Hence, the constant blame of everyone and everything other than themselves for the cesspools in which they proclaim to dwell.

Independence does not require a belief in a god. Conversely, it requires open thought and question to everything that cannot be factually proven. Faith is nothing but hope in a belief, just as negative speculation without fact, based solely on a “gut feeling” is merely a feeble excuse for a lack of information, self confidence based on prior deception, or both.

Independence can be extremely difficult, not only to obtain, but to maintain. Those who have it, truly know its precious rewards, and typically remain silent, to conveniently avoid the annoyance of those who don’t.

A true independent also realizes that while in the minority, they are not alone. While recluse in being, there is an irreplaceable solace in freedom, and just the educated thought in knowing others feel and have lived through the same and worse is enough to comfort the true independent in time of need.

This is something that the dependent, typically, but not always, a believer in a god, will never understand. Instead, they are absorbed in a world of self doubt, normally lacking in self confidence from their own actions, questioning their own faith and/or inability to be open to truth outside of their own misconstrued preconceptions.

In closing, if you are independent, you are literally, right by, and immediately next to, yourself. There are millions more unspoken just like us globally. We are many things, but we are not alone. If you are dependent, overflowing with a lack of self confidence and distrust from your own history…..past or recent, from your own deceptions, just know that because it hasn’t been discussed, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been noticed, or more importantly, planned for. If this bothers you, it should, and only you will know the reasons why.

Beware of the bliss found not just in independence, but in silence.