Copyright THREE SIXES, 1999

Unholy crimson rains from the darkest depths of Hell
fall into this wretched dungeon where God’s first angel fell
the rats feeding on the corpses ignore the stench of the decay
the disease, decapitation and slaughter pave the way
for me, the keeper of the keys to the seven golden gates
the flames of Hell preserved me for my life beyond the grave
I drink the vomit of the priest, fuck the dying whore
spill the blood of the beast and hold the key to deaths door
I suck the entrails out of a ripped virgins cunt dry
the maggots fall like rain, blood is pissing down your spine
I am every living terror that your nightmares could conceive
I tear apart your soul, destroy all in you believe
my lust feeds upon your fears and your pain you hide inside
I’m the misery that haunts you when you sleep alone at night
your rituals and your exorcisms, to me they don’t mean shit
I laugh at your religion, at left Satans hand I sit
I spit at the virgin that you worship
your gods death I now demand
I’m the Antichrist embodied in the shallow shell of man
baptized in blood, I unleash my wrath on earth
expose the weakness of the priest and desecrate the church
I’m the lies within the lives of the of the sacred that you cherish
I’m the burning cross of hatred that awaits you when you parish
I’m murder and I’m rape, sadistic pain is my obsession
I strike the souls down from the grave
you’ll fear my name, I am Possession

Hells hatred controls
possesses your soul
there is no salvation
eternal motherfuckin’ damnation

The hatred of Hells fires for mankind burn inside me
my lifeless dead black eyes, tell no lies, they guide me
I’m the one who’s born to choose, who will lose their life to me
I burn the souls and crush the bones
I am dooms darkest destiny
my lust to mutilate, subjugate and abuse
I satisfy with torn flesh from a barbed wire noose
a sledgehammer to the ribcage
a hacksaw to the throat
my barbaric massacres define the sacrilege of hope
I’ll rip your heart out right in front of you
masturbating while you bleed
I’m smiling while you suffer and convulse in front of me
my chosen witness this destruction
terrified of their own fate
as the disemboweled rot in front of hells golden gates
skinned alive, dumped in salt, ass ripped open, eyes pulled out
I’ll skull fuck the dead pope and piss on heavens sacred ground
I rip the fetus from the womb
the laughter echoes through the tombs
I sodomize the fresh abortion by the dark glow of the moon
its mother desecrates her cunt with a broken bottle from the floor
screams of pleasure fill the air
as I eat this fucking whore
she cums in chunks of blood, her smeared guts across my face
she bled to death for six hundred and sixty six days
I’m the anger that you hide, your demon from inside
I’m the rage that drives to kill, my thrill for death I can’t deny
I am agony, your fear and pain is my obsession
I’m the prince of anarchy
you’ll fear my name, I am Possession


Apocalyptic prophets warn the deaf of my return to terrorize
reaching far beyond the grave destroying all that I despise
born before the dawn of time, my spirit lasts forever
from sacrificial slaughterings my presence is remembered
your ignorant confessions that place your faith and trust in me
annihilate your mind with terror and betray your secrecy
for I speak in backward tongues to the dark lord that I answer
through your mouth of innocence that I direct onto my master
I’m damnation in the waiting, your fate you can’t deny
I’m the hole in Hell’s own dungeon of enslaven afterlife
that awaits your soul for me, it is mine alone to own
to torture for eternity, in front of Satan’s flaming throne
feel the seizures rape your body, taste the bile of painful truth
that I’m possession, that I’m real
and that I’m tearing right through you
the stench of carnage fills the air and there is no God to help you
packs of salivating rats focus their attention on you
the undead slowly rise, surround you from all sides
the death bell starts to ring, thunder cracks down from the sky
panic starts to set, you try to wake up from this dream
but this Hell in which you dwell is where you’ll rot eternally
there’s no salvation for you now, I laugh out loud right to your face
I am horror, dread and agony, the demon you’ll embrace
I’m violence and I’m rage, I’m cold blooded dark aggression
I’m the fucking gate to Hell
you’ll fear my name, I am Possession